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  1. caprimint
    24-07-2020 03:51 PM
    Ahhh no I didn't actually know/remember but you have probably said before If the Mets are as unreliable as Paul was for you I just went for that cus I wanted to see what it'd be like betting on baseball with two favourites. I know you can't judge much by just 2 games but still curious. At least it's only a free bet anyway

    Never seen a fireball before I don't think but if it tastes/smells AT ALL of whiskey I wouldn't even try The cinnamon sounds reaaally good though. Lmaoo nope I actually feel FINE today I've started to not get hangovers again I think

    Ahh yeah I saw the outright betting for Yankees was like 4/1 (2nd favourite to win) and I almost put my free £1 on them there tbh. Baseball is sounding unpredictable tho (although I guess everything is to an extent)
  2. caprimint
    24-07-2020 03:51 PM
    Ohh yeah that's pretty good for newbies or people who don't know much about it if it's no risk. This is like a £1,000 one on my site I think which sounds good. But yeah makes sense you don't bother with them at your level of play. Nah I'm not sure about any poker related stuff, didn't even know the sites existed until you spoke about it

    Yeah it can really be a drag sometimes. I'm okay with football though which is like 90 mins, I often get quite invested tbh Ahh that's not bad for NBA, I'ma sit through that soon enough Oh I think I saw like "pre-season" games on my site for that btw? I saw OKC Thunder on there and almost bet on them but decided to wait for now
  3. caprimint
    24-07-2020 12:18 PM
    Got no idea what I'm doing, but using my free £1 bet on baseball

  4. caprimint
    24-07-2020 09:25 AM
    Lol yeah it must be weird. So are they like in an arena or something without a crowd? It was really nice watching darts the other day live again actually, like sooo much more fun/atmosphere to the game and it felt really intense with how important the winning was

    Yeahhh I get that table. That's really good you're starting to win on there now Gahhh the number of entrants makes it look/seem so hard though Wow @ $9/13k, that would be insaaaane but still you got really good amounts for those & today's profit overall too

    Oh and I forgot & meant to say yesterday that the night before I had a dream about gambling... like went into a betting shop/casino or something with a couple of people and I just remember walking over this really rocky path to get there Idk raaaaaandom
  5. caprimint
    24-07-2020 09:25 AM
    The way you get me Lmaoo wait did I say I was drinking whiskey? I meant to say that I wanted to drink the day before but there was only whiskey so I waited till I got vodka yesterday Vodka is still the easiest for me to drink but there's no way I could do a shot or something, it'd just turn me off forever But nah I def drank more than enough, eventually passed out

    Yeah it's gonna go on for a couple/few more days or something but I'm actually pretty confident about that bet I made Omg nice @ winning that MLB bet And that's cool you get more free $5 bets from it too. Did you think you'd win that or was it a guess/they were the favourites?
  6. caprimint
    24-07-2020 09:25 AM
    If I don't win this darts one tomorrow I'ma be Yeahhh lol, I def wouldn't. Only way I would is if I got free entry (there is something like that on my site, idk if I wrote about that, but you still have to deposit/have a stake so noooo ty)

    We'll see about that Mess NOT 3 hours How long are NBA games?? Tbh I wouldn't mind sitting through it with it on in the background/casually watching and seeing how entertaining it is Sometimes do that with football and I end up getting into it/kinda hooked. Yeah those smaller darts games are about 15-20 mins and these tournament ones are probably double that but it does depend... I could easily sit there for an hour+ watching darts tho
  7. caprimint
    23-07-2020 11:10 PM
    Omg literally @ me earlier.


    Aaaaand I decided to go on another
  8. caprimint
    23-07-2020 07:11 PM
    OMG I don't even know what I meant. What the hell... I read it back and it made no sense at all... idk how you understand anything tbh I'm still DRUNK but I legit hardly even remember writing to you before honestly

    GAHHH because I rly wanted to drink yesterday but there was no good alcohol Just ****ing whiskey which is trash. I drank again like 350ml (half a bottle but you still probs won't understand ) in about 8 hours tho so not tooooo bad But it's all gone now and I kinda wanna get drunk again tbh
  9. caprimint
    23-07-2020 07:11 PM
    Yeahhhh lol I get that. It seems like there's a lot more to it from what you've said & what I've seen. I wouldn't even attempt, BUT with my luck at the moment anyway it wouldn't even matter how much I knew regardless

    Ooop nah you be 2 years after next week but generally like 2 and a half or is it 3??? I literally can't work it out welp. gahhh not being old too it's sooo weird though cus I just don't feel it... like at all? I still feel like 22~ or something tbh

    Yeah that's true that draws do happen a good amount of the time... still way too hard to call though. Like idk football is just way too intense for me with all those potential results. Ahhh not American football aka rugby I still gotta see how thats like
  10. Ross.
    23-07-2020 05:50 PM
    Me caring as Taylord breaks sales records

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