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  1. JerseyWins
    26-09-2020 03:44 PM
    I usually don't get the best luck with my sporadic blackjack bets like that, which is what made me feel like an 0/5 was coming but so lucky this time But yup blackjack is too wild. When I play I SHOULD go for more like $5-$10 each but I get too tempted for the bigger $. And blackjack is such a losing game long-term that it's almost better to just make that ONE big bet and be done with it win or lose. I feel satisfied with my few days of getting back into it, don't even feel the urge, the $ won helps like I don't have to try to win my $ back in that game for a change lmao

    It's crazy because the US is kinda opposite right now besides a feeeew states where the cases are going up a lot but it's nothing like what it was the first time (right now, might start again ), like how bad it got in the NY/NJ/Cali/Florida areas. Florida is literally doing the opposite rn as they've removed so many restrictions this week & have allowed all indoor dining again etc.
  2. JerseyWins
    25-09-2020 04:33 AM
    Nuggets down 3-1 in the series after today </3 I wouldn't be surprised if they lose 4-1 this time (and def expecting them to lose the series nonetheless... but I didn't think they'd beat the Clippers either so ). I'm going with the Bears this Sunday btw, +3.5. Kinda sucks cause earlier in the week I saw they were +5.5 or so and those extra few points can really matter a lot in NFL but eh hopefully they pull through regardless I'm not confident in it or anything tho, even with the Falcons 0-2, they've lost to solid teams & they're the better team on paper I think/hope the Bears have it in them tho

    Ahhhhhhhshaffhsf that's so funny/cute Literally the first thing I thought too ofc. You actually know what folding is then or just heard/read it? Have you been learning the game at all btw?
  3. JerseyWins
    25-09-2020 04:33 AM
    Ahhhh that HUGE difference Tbf $500 was nerve-wracking af even with a lot of $ won this past year and still a lot more than I'd risk in one game almost ever. I probably would've felt SICK after if I lost like 4/5 or all 5 but something in me just had to do it and I got lucky Just so bad/reckless to put that much $ on a game like that and I'll risk $25-$50ish at a time like it's nothing in that game which even that is pretty bad nnnn

    Hmmmm idk if there will be a second wave here based on how everything is right now (still pretty normal almost everywhere and nothing too crazy for rise in cases).. but then again during the first wave, I think the UK had its increase just before the US (same with Spain) so who knows Do you think you'll try to get back in touch with anyone in the area or not enough time / gonna do your own thing there? Sounds like a GOOD long day tho, hopefully you have fun & like the hair result
  4. Nicky91
    24-09-2020 01:23 PM
    I had let my mom listen to Tim McGraw's song I Called Mama

    she likes it too
  5. JerseyWins
    24-09-2020 04:08 AM
    Last night was their first actual win of the series, the game before would've just been a winning bet on them because they only lost by 2 points. Series is 2-1 now & screw it I'm gonna try betting them again +6 for tomorrow Poor OKC, next year

    Whoooooa they're even doing curfews?? Do you know how much the covid rates are going up now? Is it a lot already or they're starting to take earlier precautions this time? The US isn't doing **** really rn ahh NOOOOO @ 7-8 hours on hair and travel?! How much of that is the travel time? Yeah sounds nice even just for the nostalgia at the least and hopefully the shopping is nice!
  6. JerseyWins
    24-09-2020 04:08 AM
    Yeah it really can be such QUICK money won/lost, like it's the quickest to potentially win money, much less time than any poker/sports/etc. Thing is over time the casino stuff is gonna result in $ lost Ahhh you going on those free blackjack streaks tho Idk what my best ever in a row is maybe around 10 but just a guess, I probably did get about 6 or 7 in a row within that hot streak where I won my $ back

    All in the same game, like 5 different seats (sets of cards) vs. the dealer's cards. Like in that $500 game I had 4 hands that were around 17-19 and one was a 13 vs. the dealer's 3 to start (so I was in a deeecent spot but could've easily gotten screwed over) and the dealer went over to 22 so BOOM all seats/hands paid just like that! And lol I was HYPE, like I had no clue why I was even doing it / could kinda feel a loss coming & it turned out to be best result possible
  7. JerseyWins
    24-09-2020 12:27 AM
    Oh and ugh yesterday I KNEW I should've trusted the Nuggets again, they won </3 I was actually gonna bet them last minute too but my friend was betting Lakers & over (over did win & I should've went for that at least). I just decided not to bet, so I missed out on some $ there oh well. Nuggets really are overachieving rn similarly to OKC, love to see it

    Ohhhhh that's awesome, sounds fun being back in London again! Are things getting worse there with covid?? I heard it's getting way worse again in Spain (and I know some area like around Brooklyn is getting a bit of an uptick in cases but nothing crazy atm). Shiiit if things go haywire with the whole virus spreading again Let me know how the day in London is tho, you still gonna try to do some things over there during the day or literally just back for business basically with the hair appointment?
  8. JerseyWins
    24-09-2020 12:26 AM
    But yesterday I was at my friend's house messing around on my poker app and I decided to go for $100 on 5 separate seats (max # of seats you can take), so just one hand with $500 risked and I'd quit after the result no matter what it was.. I was hoping for like 3/5 at least or something (almost expected to go 0/5 and lose $500) but somehow I actually went 5/5 winning ALL 5, $500 profit just like that in seconds It was wild, I kinda missed doing huge random gambles like that actually and so amazing how it worked out perfectly Sooo done with blackjack for a while tho but taking my winnings with me this time
  9. JerseyWins
    24-09-2020 12:26 AM
    It was average on Monday but won a bit of $. Haven't tried any poker since Sunday, I lost $40 on the sports bets & won $100 giving blackjack a shot again on Monday. YESTERDAY was crazy tho! So like first on Monday I was randomly in the mood for blackjack, actually had a good session where it was ranging from like -$100 to +$300 over a good amt of time and I ended up quitting at +$150. Then I tried another sesh a little later on where I was down -$550~ just mostly losing @ $50/hand, sometimes 2 or 3 seats on the table which luckily turned around and I only lost $50 in the end, went on a HOT STREAK thankfully. I was so over blackjack then tho, like it's so easy to lose big & I felt it about to happen again / nearly quit.
  10. JerseyWins
    21-09-2020 10:54 PM
    Yeah it's all good, bad luck's gonna happen with gambling, gotta try to get back on track again tonight

    Ahhhh my bias gets the best of me sometimes too (but sometimes can also help). And damn that reminds me, yesterday Nuggets +7 would've been a nice win as they only lost by 2. And I just didn't bother betting that game after they failed in Game 1 vs. LA... so tough to get the timing right sometimes.

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