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  1. bbcanicons
    24-06-2020 12:05 PM
    For some reason, I instantly recognise Thomas Rhett whenever I hear him! I don't like all of Maren Morris' music, but there are a few songs which I LOVE, like "The Bones", "Rich" and "80s Mercedes". I don't usually listen to whole albums by her all at once, but these songs are iconic for me when I put my playlist on shuffle
  2. bbcanicons
    24-06-2020 11:34 AM
    Yeah I get what you mean with the country twang! I love when some artists have it naturally in their voices ! I love Carly Pearce for her diverse voice and how instantly recognisable it is among other country artists. I've listened to Chase's album and I love "American Nights" and "In The Car". Listening to "Break Up. Drunk." now and it's amazing! Have you listened to Maren Morris? I find she's different from many female country artists but I love her style!
  3. bbcanicons
    24-06-2020 10:25 AM
    I'll give Chase's music a listen today for sure, then listen to Cole's later in the week . Though I usually prefer female country artists because they're more diverse among themselves, I love hearing male country artists with distinct and recognisable voices
  4. bbcanicons
    24-06-2020 10:15 AM
    Ooh I also love Old Dominion! "Hotel Key" got me hooked!! I need to listen to Chase Rice and Cole Swindell. Any albums from them you'd recommend?
  5. bbcanicons
    24-06-2020 10:11 AM
    I do listen to male country artists but not as much as females tbh. My favs are Sam Hunt, Blake Shelton, Morgan Wallen, Kane Brown and Dan + Shay❤️
  6. bbcanicons
    24-06-2020 08:11 AM
    My top 5 are Kelsea, Carly, Kacey, Carrie and Miranda in that order ❤️! Same with me, I listen to albums on repeat but I'm always on the lookout for potential new country music! I love that playlist aswell; it includes various country artists, as well as groups and upcoming country artists. It's great!!
  7. JerseyWins
    24-06-2020 08:00 AM
    Sksks yeah idc as much outside either tbf but still if I see one by a bush or flying around or whatever I'm still getting tf away from it

    SOMETHING needs to hit That's the funny thing with these big odds bets, it's like you really just need to win it once and then the losses don't matter but it just seems to keep losing and losing lately I know and I said I'd take a break but this tournament series they got going on rn is too tempting lol. Yeah I should've done something like that for roulette but I messed up </3
  8. JerseyWins
    24-06-2020 08:00 AM
    That was ICONIC when Martin single handedly got you your $30 back That one was like destiny lol. You were soooo excited too that was awesome

    Yeah that's true around here too like it'd be bad to not tip the little local places you'd go to but there'll be less tipping in the big cities because they're so over-crowded and everyone's constantly on the move anyway, people just don't get to know/remember each other.

    I feel like I might at least have some beer () but idk. Not mentioned plans fully either but he's prob gonna want to do a barbecue unless he already has something like that planned for the actual 4th of July day instead. All I/we know is we getting hiiiiiiiigh that night Damn you guys celebrating 4th of July too opening everything up then?
  9. JerseyWins
    24-06-2020 07:42 AM
    It didn't take long at all to lose the free $15 ffs I went for blackjack instead of roulette so there was my first mistake, oh well
  10. JerseyWins
    24-06-2020 07:20 AM
    Btw I was just playing a bit of a poker session again (lost $50 but tbh I'm totally ok with that, it was fun & didn't go so horribly - and I risked like somewhere around $400-500 so it was another pretty big session for me that I'm glad didn't go way south ). And then anyway after it I earned another treasure chest I was telling you about from one of my sites & I won $20 worth of points (so basically $20 cash as I can just trade them whenever) and also THIS

    They really trynna get me with free casino play! Def gonna use it tho but they're not gonna get me hooked if/when I lose that $15. Prob gonna try some roulette with it rn

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