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  1. JerseyWins
    18-05-2020 05:29 PM
    Yeah aside from my couple best friends I feel like I get tired of people / they get tired of me so any contact with them slowly dwindles until we just stop talking Not even getting tired of each other tho but like just... other stuff going on & too much effort to keep following up. I like to just keep in touch with people I have a legit connection with but I do stay associated with those people constantly

    Ohhh does it? Damn you LOVE spice then? I'll have sriracha or (usually) regular hot sauce like once a week / every couple weeks but it's so good I should be using it with more food
  2. DouglasS
  3. DouglasS
    18-05-2020 04:45 PM
    They talk about us but they are just jealous because they aren’t us!
  4. JerseyWins
    18-05-2020 02:34 PM
    Ah yeah I’m also that way with a lot of people, like acquaintances & friends that I’m not as close with I just won’t keep in touch with anymore after a while usually. Living in London and moving around, there’s prob a lot of that. “I still haven’t gone into the outside world” sounds like a journal for someone in an apocalyptic movie or something

    Yeah they’re varying spice levels but they usually do have some kind of kick I feel like I’d for sure like those cauli wings too since hot sauce will elevate the taste of everything

    Poker went solid I won ~$200 It was going sooo well earlier in the day tho that it’s still a bit disappointing how it finished tho. Sad to think that about $200 since it’s a good amt of money but I was feeling like I was gonna make it FAR in at least one tournament & have another BIG winning day which has been a while since my HOT streak a few months back.
  5. JerseyWins
    18-05-2020 06:45 AM
    I feel like I/most gain back a lot easier/quicker than losing weight Idk I just feel out of shape in the same way I felt before I started getting serious about the gym & that was prob like a year ago. I've gotten a bit lazy at times but now in quarantine it literally just went to NO exercise & I'm just not giving af about what I'm eating either but that needs to stop soon. And mess I'm still talking to friends regularly but I get what you mean & it's gotta be worse for you being at home / away from London. It really is opposite now like I was out every day for work and so on during the week and hanging out like every weekend just before this corona and now I'm just at home 95% of the time only even leaving if it's necessary

    Oh you spicy All spicy flavors do slay. I know you don't eat meats but buffalo wings >>>>> (a top tier fave food).. do you ever get like vegan buffalo wings? I assume they're a thing since there's vegan versions of everything
  6. JerseyWins
    18-05-2020 05:37 AM
    I'm guessing that's why a lot of them closed, like they didn't want to deal with that stuff. People are dumb tho like it's not like all the Chinese are carrying corona And ahhh that's true what difference does a few hours in the day make

    Maybe that's what I'm waiting for. Nah but I really do need to start I feel kinda sluggish and like I've undone all the progress I was making while I was dieting/going to gym. The quarantining just makes me so lazy Also I'm the same, I gotta hit the time limit I set or the # of reps/sets I decide to do, it just doesn't feel right not to.

    I've had it on fast food items a few times but it's not something all that common. Not sure if it's sold in stores I've never really noticed it. Something I should look for tho cause I never thought of buying it for home and it really is soooo good. Can't go wrong with sriracha
  7. JerseyWins
    18-05-2020 05:19 AM
    Nnnn the only thing here is some local food spots ended up closing (mainly Chinese food places but some others too) and everything closes by 8:00.

    Yeah I get those days where it's just a DRAG to finish but gotta push through, good thing you did. Now it's a drag just to even bother starting for me. I'll see if I get to it after work tomorrow but atm I'm feeling like I still won't bother yet
  8. JerseyWins
    18-05-2020 03:55 AM
    Ahh yeah I realized that right after sending that message. At first I was thinking "framed" as in like falsely accusing someone to make it look like they did something. I think I've actually heard about/seen this framed show actually, maybe on youtube or something randomly but yeah AFHV is just something I'll randomly see on TV every few years or so but something I've barely ever watched for like a decade. Tbf that would be me too @ no fast food
  9. JerseyWins
    18-05-2020 03:35 AM
    Yeah that part was fun and got my attention I wasn't paying that much attention to the country performance but I remember that going on too and it looked/sounded pretty good as well. Nah I speak English to my grandma (very slowly & loudly) and she'll understand most of it But I understand Croatian totally and can speak a liiiittle bit of it, the words just don't come to me that easily. Why do they call it you've been framed? Niiice tho. The AFHV show ain't too bad tbf, like worth a watch sometimes and there are some funny clips. There was this clip from UK actually (idk why it's in "America's" funniest home vids tho) but anyway it was of this mom telling her daughter there's going to be no more KFC, McDonald's etc. cause of the lockdown and that she's gonna have to eat her mom's cooking and the kid was just bawling crying it was so cute
  10. JerseyWins
    18-05-2020 03:06 AM
    Watching that finale, it was NOT my kinda show ngl But I did like the Katy Perry performance It had like nice effects, the room changing patterns/design & closing in on her and such and I love Katy's singing. My grandma will just watch anything that she puts on. She had ABC on watching America's Funniest Home videos and she barely understands English (tbf that show is mostly just watching clips and a lot of times you don't even have to understand what's being said). Nah she doesn't watch American Idol lol but she always likes listening to singing performances, like during football games she loves putting the volume all the way up for the National anthem and **** like that. I think that's why she kept it on

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