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  1. JerseyWins
    01-10-2020 04:22 AM
    Hmm $5 minimum spend USED to be a thing but it's rare now. Like only certain places require that, basically it's up to the place. Most places you can use your card for any amount but off the top of my head I know of this bagel shop that has a $10 min requirement.

    I don't think usual debates here are like that either. Trump just makes things more entertaining & chaotic/heated/etc. I guess lmaoooo. Just pretty insane that Trump is the president tbh & that either he'll have another term or Biden will be elected who also doesn't seem fit to be a President at alllll Yeah pretty much everyone I know votes actually, I should too but idgaf

    Made one $10 bet today and won it for $45 profit. Whew a winning day again finally Maybe a sign that cheaper is better
  2. JerseyWins
    01-10-2020 01:51 AM
    Yeah the boot order has been solid and likely to be a GREAT winner. Yup I barely caught up on Sunday's ep & now I missed part of tonight's episode.. would normally skip after missing like 1/4~ of the episode but I don't wanna fall behind for this TRIPLE eviction that I'm hype for tomorrow. One of my friends got into this season for Enzo (wanted to get some others back in it too but my other friends didn't bother). He's actually INTO this season tho & wants to come over tomorrow for the ep, should be a good one hopefully

    OOOOMG Nicole was super hilarious just now trying to get up this OTEV comp ramp
  3. JerseyWins
    01-10-2020 01:51 AM
    This week I've continued being lazy with it actually ugh, lol right when you asked about it I've gotten the laziest with it that I've been since getting the damn thing. Yeah idk when exactly they opened but it was prob at some point a month+ ago and they charged me already for last month on like Sept 9th-14th It was half price for $5 something (and it's already a cheap af membership to begin with) so w/e I'll keep mine for now & see what happens in the coming months. Nice, I still prefer indoor but a LOT better exercising outside when it's colder/darker Also speaking of the masks.. it'll be nicer to keep your face warm during the winter months whereas even now in late Sept it can get pretty hot
  4. JerseyWins
    01-10-2020 01:50 AM
    Oh whaaat, like in a store/supermarket/restaurant/etc. people wouldn't say anything if you had no mask??? Damn literally not allowed here and there's some places with signs out front telling people they MUST have masks to order and this one place near work that I get lunch at like 1-2 times a week even says "NO ENTRY WITHOUT MASK. IT'S AGAINST THE LAW!!!!!" in front Ah yeah it can get uncomfortable and such but I'm actually so used to it since the beginning and doesn't make me feel claustrophobic at all. You also don't like being in big groups like with clubs and such too right? So makes sense
  5. JerseyWins
    01-10-2020 01:49 AM
    Lol that is preeetty true but not at like fast food places & certain small restaurants for some reason. It's normally that way like in stores & bigger/fancier restaurants for the most part. Just for verification purposes / protection from fraud I guess.

    He can be pretty hilarious to watch sometimes (just his mannerisms even), that's why I don't mind him. I also heard part of the debate from the other room last night and 1) sounded like a MESSSS / "**** show" and 2) that's exactly how everyone (co-workers, friends and stuff) were describing it to me today Like they were arguing like two kids or something lolol?

    Yup the vibe just felt totally off & I would've been playing in a **** mood / prob playing worse because of it so I think def best I didn't continue & try the $500 one. I also tried playing yesterday & lost $450 in a $250 & $100(x2) with the WORST luck so the bad streak is onnn right now </3
  6. JerseyWins
    28-09-2020 05:40 AM
    Sometimes it ain't even that obvious but sometimes for suuure is I have but soooo inconsistent with it / skipped a couple days now (the weekend I usually do but then a few days before that too). Kinda boring at home & lacking motivation ngl, a bit of a regret buying it, mostly only using it so I don't feel like I wasted $ The gyms did open back up here tho, been seeing a decent amt of cars too and they already charged me for last month Won't go back YET, seeing how things go with covid cases
  7. JerseyWins
    28-09-2020 05:40 AM
    Ugh did so bad today. Didn't even bother with that $500 tournament like I was planning because the vibe was just awful already. Lost like $900 something total between the poker & sports bets and I'm sooooooo over the gambling today. Was so damn pissed off earlier but calmed a bit now & also some good night games helped me out a bit at least.

    Ahhh yeah you have to wear masks EVERYWHERE here, like they won't let you in & there's been some major issues with people refusing to lol. But for sure such inconsistent logic with it and just plain silly in some ways. Not an issue to me tho just how things are now I guess

    Nicole/Enzo F2 would be iconic and yuuup Enzo's in a solid spot I hope it works out and makes the season worth it AHHH the Enzo + Tony duo of winners for 2020 too
  8. JerseyWins
    27-09-2020 06:06 PM
    I could deeef tell the alcohol was hitting you quite a bit at that point Damn @ the hangover & sick feeling Good the walk & water helped
  9. JerseyWins
    27-09-2020 06:06 PM
    Joe's the man And did he get lucky to win yesterday like a comeback or something? Or just lucky that he wins often when I bet him? Yeah I couldn't see you risking $50 these days with your usual $5 I guess that'd be like me putting $500 on a game which wouldn't be totally out of the ordinary but I'm controlling myself with $50 max bets lol. I have $900 total on games today tho ffff Good vibes Oh yeah yesterday was solid tho, I won $300+ in poker cash games & then lost $100 in a tournament (but -$100 with the sports too) so overall at least a lil $100+ boost before the NFL & poker mayhem today

    True they're all playing smart & passive so it's not as fun TV without the mess involved. Zingbot veto episode was pretty good, watched the Thursday eviction yesterday and I guuuess kinda meh. Enzo winning this season would MAKE IT
  10. JerseyWins
    27-09-2020 06:05 PM
    Ahhh @ drunkenly revealing being an anti-masker Is that viewed as a bad thing? Most places here just force you to have one so no choice For me, I think it's a bit pointless but I'm not against it at all & don't mind wearing them wherever. But reason it's kinda pointless is that the germs apparently travel a distance of 6 feet in the air & you can get it anywhere on you and end up getting covid regardless whenever you do take your mask off, touch your face etc. Something I found funny with NBA is they all wear masks while on the bench and then take them off when they're on the court. Like what's the point then? And like no one wears masks when hanging out with others at home & such where you could get it the easiest..

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