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  1. caprimint
    Yesterday 05:51 PM
    Lol yeah, winter is the best by far. I like other seasons too when they're not hot/sunny staying about under 15 or so

    Reading that bloody paper, definitely like my grandparents AHHHHH When I first read it I actually thought that's what you meant to type until I read the whole sentence properly lmaooo. The way autocorrect knows you so well
  2. caprimint
    27-05-2020 11:38 PM
    Omg you're literally like my parents/grandparents or something Always fast asleep before midnight. I like it cloudy/overcast with a nice breeze and not any brightness in sight & lol not the first time I've been called a vampire

    My day has only just begun but it's night time so I'm drinking now

    I went out yesterday about 10am and it was absolute hell, sun shining bloody everywhere and a bunch of bees buzzing around, only bit of shade was under the parasol
  3. caprimint
    27-05-2020 09:49 PM
    Well today I woke up @ 9pm Usually it's not like this though, about 9am-3pm was working well before. Just don't really like the daytime too much, it's boring and too bright/sunny. I bet you sleep before midnight

    I think I've got an old dusty PS3 or something that someone gave me but never even used it before/didn't know what to do lol. Ahhh Well I'm not drinking tonight either I'll have you know, yesterday I double drank though (once before bed and once when I woke up) to make up for it

    Can't think of anything worse than sitting out in the sun all day, although if there were a few country tracks playing maybe it would be tolerable
  4. caprimint
    26-05-2020 10:56 AM
    It usually lasts until then if I'm doing it right

    Didn't have you down as a gamer for some reason I think my routine change was... not drinking yesterday? Thinking about it today, not sure whether I will later or not though. Did you do much for it (not that there is much to do tbf)?
  5. caprimint
    24-05-2020 11:23 PM
    Already? It was 10pm Perfectly reasonable time to be drunk, hell any time is in quarantine or if you live in the boring countryside

    Nice No drinks for you over the weekend then? I'm surprised
  6. caprimint
    24-05-2020 10:06 PM
    I'm drunk if you hadn't guessed already

    Are you working tomorrow or no because of bank holiday?
  7. caprimint
    24-05-2020 09:46 PM
  8. caprimint
    17-05-2020 03:31 PM
    At my place I think we got a discount so ended up being about 4.50 a pint which is pretty average, but then other places down the road literally ranged from 3.50-5.80 or something like that so you gotta pick your spots wisely

    Lol weirdly I remember saying last time that it got harder as the days went on because I started to miss it more, but usually people say the opposite I think since being at home the most I've gone is 2 days in a row without a drink, so if I get past that then I've got this
  9. caprimint
    16-05-2020 11:15 PM
    If only I had known, would have potentially gone to see him in London, bet tickets weren't that expensive either

    We all know why it's one of your favourite nights Nah I was actually staying in a pub/hostel at that point as well and I used to go out and socialise in the pub a lot of nights but never even considered drinking tbh. Didn't really go anywhere else though and I definitely wouldn't want to go on a day/night out now without drinking, it's so boring in comparison
  10. caprimint
    16-05-2020 09:14 PM
    Great choices Same, often I even find myself liking songs that I never thought I would after hearing them a few times. Did he?? I didn't know that, would be a great live performer I think

    Is it usually Eurovision about now? I've seen it all over my bloody twitter feed for weeks now. Course you would use it as a reason to have a drink though Yeah read that back this morning, a damn mess Nope not at all, weirdly for me I'd rather drink at home than in London because there's just nothing to do here. Last time I did the challenge with Dan I made it 9 days (), hoping for more this time though. A couple of years ago I didn't drink for 9 months and it seemed... so easy. It's definitely not anymore though

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