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  1. Maia
    Today 12:27 PM
    too true right. I have found I enjoy both but city life does win out just a bit. Can't beat the atmosphere, and everything being open late is just super cosy.

    God it really will be weird with everyone wearing masks. It's like we're living in 28 Days Later or something. Poor kids growing up today are gonna have some serious social issues lmao.
  2. JerseyWins
    Today 04:57 AM
    Ahhh I meant I like the way they do +/- in NBA/NFL/etc. with points added/subtracted to team's scores. But I do also like those over/under bets like the one you made with the 'legs', definitely mix plenty of those bets in with my NBA/NFL betting.

    Imma likely watch at some point tomorrow if I don't get to it tonight. Yeah I always avoid spoilers at all costs except for this past Survivor season idk why. Luckily no spoilers were concrete for that tho so the whole season still stayed decently suspenseful

    Darts reminds me a bit of bowling where like it's a sport that doesn't require a whole lot of physical activity but still a lot of skill / precision / accuracy (also the taking turns aspect to it) And bowling is decently big in the states as both an activity and even pro sport, I see it on TV a good amount.

    Nnnnnnnnn I'm more concerned with what kinda survey is that lol???
  3. JerseyWins
    Today 12:17 AM
    Yup I love those +/- to the scores it really adds a whole new aspect to the gambling like you can't just bet who you think will win but also gotta consider by how much. Like if I feel like an upset is possible, I'll take the team WITH the additional points as well so if they get close but still lose it works out anyway and that happens quite a bit And ahhh ok I thought it had to do with the legs as I didn't see anything saying 180's but maybe yeah

    Idk what any of that means but now I feel like I know why anyway tho

    Mhm darts is just a random house-game, bar-game to play around here (and not even all that popular but I always did enjoy it). Yeah I think I even originally said I was shocked to see darts was a professional sport? (I mean tbf I should've known obv but I'd never seen/heard a thing about it)
  4. Maia
    Yesterday 11:38 PM
    Oooh yes can't beat an evening stroll in the summer Both the city and small towns are amazing in their own ways really.

    Enjoy London when you go back!! Super exciting. Will be pretty weird though after corona won't it? haha
  5. JerseyWins
    Yesterday 11:37 PM
    Ohh, yeah there's odds boosts which are cool Not seen any for darts on my site tho... prob because it's not bet on enough. I feel like with how little pro darts is known in the US/NJ, and the site I use being NJ-based, I could legit be the only one on it betting darts sksk
  6. JerseyWins
    Yesterday 11:37 PM
    Yeah that's why I don't like betting favorites on straight bets too much. With NBA/NFL I like it cause you can bet like Team A -11.5 points vs. a crappy Team B and then if they blow them out by 12+ points you win double your money instead of like $2 for $10 risked lol. Altho I think I noticed something similar with darts where I could've bet Joe Cullen +1.5 which means I could've won that bet yesterday when he lost 6-5 (I believe). It's more confusing to me with darts tho so idk how to get too into it yet I never did "opt in" yet so now I still gotta make another $5+ bet to get the free $5 first Will have to look into more darts games tomorrow cause the deal goes until June 7th

    Nnnn is that a good or bad thing @ the elimination?
  7. Maia
    Yesterday 10:16 PM
    I get you. Sometimes you do need a bit of peace and quiet lol. Also the air quality tbh. I live by the sea and it's super fresh. When you come back here from London you can tell the difference haha.

    girl you're too kind. I just.
  8. JerseyWins
    Yesterday 10:02 PM
    Tea Idk why I felt good about this one I gotta stop with the $20-30 range bets on this tho. Maybe stick to a nice $10 for darts btw does your site/app ever do promotion/deals type stuff? Just saw one on mine, make a $5+ bet & get a free $5 bet. They do stuff like this like every month / few months

    It’s such a good price for the long run, like $30 but you can find varying prices. You can literally find apps that serve as cable TV it’s crazy. Yeah you need a Netflix account to use Netflix on it tho but plenty apps for shows & movies that you can find for free tho & usually more options / the quality is HD & all that (but you can run into freezing/buffering issues there, only downside but not much or that often). I’ve been watching TC on it lately but still haven’t seen this week’s ep & only just remembered!
  9. Maia
    Yesterday 08:36 PM
    Boring hometowns amirite? I'm gonna have to convince the guys at work to shift our office over to London lol (although the village they're based in omg it's so beautiful )

    Thank you so much :') I find it hard to believe people can actually like me. I do have major confidence issues and that hasn't changed :/ but it helps so much to hear that so thank you
  10. Maia
    Yesterday 07:06 PM
    that's awesome. I've been to London a few times for short trips and stuff and I always loved the atmosphere every time I went. Everything just feels so alive.

    Haha, I'll certainly try to keep popping in every now and then I do get a bit nervous (idk why) but I'm trying to push past that because it's worth it to speak to some amazing people like yourself hon

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