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Hayden 23-08-2017 11:10 PM

Deborah receiving racist abuse on Twitter

Disgusting, as usual Big Brother viewers showing themselves up

Littlegreen 23-08-2017 11:18 PM

Bloody disgusting, I can't understand the mindset that can spout that kind of nastiness.

RileyH 23-08-2017 11:19 PM

mess, I love ha :love:

Daniel. 23-08-2017 11:19 PM

Poor our Debs

Ant. 23-08-2017 11:26 PM

Remember when Toya got the police involved over racist trolls :love: Debs should do the same! (if she wishes of course :love: )

Osjama 25-08-2017 06:55 PM

Debs should be proud she set out to represent young women/mothers in the media and she did an amazing job

Trolls usually don't mean the **** they say they just try to provoke a reaction she shouldn't be phased

LeatherTrumpet 25-08-2017 07:03 PM

Just stay off titter love, you aint anyone

reece(: 25-08-2017 07:10 PM

Stay strong Debs x

Littlegreen 25-08-2017 07:57 PM


Originally Posted by LeatherTrumpet (Post 9587502)
Just stay off titter love, you aint anyone

She's enough of a someone to receive this vile abuse.

It's disgusting they are allowed to carry on.

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