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Trouble1321075 25-09-2020 02:14 AM

Carrington is such a dick lol. I hope laurel gets the last laugh.

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Zizu 25-09-2020 10:37 AM


Originally Posted by Macie Lightfoot (Post 10911219)
Well good thing I'm looking to be entertained and not represented!

This season is great :love:

It’s not anywhere near as good as any of the UK series or even the Aussie one .

Have you seen them at all ?

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Macie Lightfoot 29-09-2020 12:10 AM

Finale is on Wednesday :( not ready for this to end, easily CBS's best show of the year. The bar was set incredibly low with Survivor and Big Brother sucking this year but this season has been legitimately great thanks to people like Mackenzie, Connor, Justine, and others :love:

Zizu 29-09-2020 12:12 AM


Originally Posted by Macie Lightfoot (Post 10923456)
Finale is on Wednesday :( not ready for this to end, easily CBS's best show of the year. The bar was set incredibly low with Survivor and Big Brother sucking this year but this season has been legitimately great thanks to people like Mackenzie, Connor, Justine, and others :love:

Have you seen the Uk version ( last 2 series) or the Aussie one ?

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Morgan. 29-09-2020 06:10 PM

Just got to Mackenzie’s boot, thank **** she’s gone. Little Miss Broken Record

Macie Lightfoot 29-09-2020 08:28 PM


Originally Posted by Morgan. (Post 10923948)
Just got to Mackenzie’s boot, thank **** she’s gone. Little Miss Broken Record

Jealousy is a disease, Morgan!!!

Morgan. 29-09-2020 08:34 PM


Originally Posted by Macie Lightfoot (Post 10924176)

I feel so bad for that poor guy :(

Hayden 29-09-2020 11:14 PM

Mackenzie Island :love:

MB. 29-09-2020 11:17 PM

I see the Twenty One Pilots fan is running his mouth again!

damazama21 01-10-2020 03:06 AM

god is real!!!

Macie Lightfoot 01-10-2020 04:21 AM

Great season, great outcome, so sad it's over :love: absolutely the best show of 2020. Long live Mackenzie and Connor and Justine and many others. Can't wait for season three!!!

Zizu 01-10-2020 08:24 AM


Originally Posted by damazama21 (Post 10916149)
People will recognise Mackenzie's greatness once the season becomes boring after she leaves.

I truly hope to never see her EVER again !

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Zizu 01-10-2020 08:25 AM


Originally Posted by Trouble1321075 (Post 10911215)
Everyone on this show is so fake and frankly not making us americans look very good. These people are not good representations of us.

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That’s my take on things exactly !!

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Zizu 01-10-2020 11:39 AM

Each time Caleb gets recoupled he has a huge grin on his face yet as soon as he sits down his face turns to thunder ... could he be playing a game ?

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MB. 01-10-2020 12:09 PM

Justine Justice is served!

Zizu 03-10-2020 06:16 PM

So did Connor and Mackenzie make a go of it on the outside ??

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LukeB 03-10-2020 10:54 PM


Originally Posted by Zizu (Post 10927347)
So did Connor and Mackenzie make a go of it on the outside ??

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Yes! they are so cute together

Zizu 03-10-2020 11:27 PM


Originally Posted by LukeB (Post 10927683)

How long together??

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rusticgal 11-10-2020 04:25 PM

So pleased to see Justine and Caleb win....what an adorable couple and completely genuine...:cheer2:

Gabbys_MTV 24-10-2020 06:57 PM

Late but I love Carrington & Laurel so much omggg.

Macie Lightfoot 21-12-2020 04:09 AM

Rewatched for edgic purposes and it was still great! Dynamic and fun cast who were willing to fully surrender themselves to the experience, just about every couple faced a real test at one point or another, lots of iconic characters who kept things interesting until the very end... pretty much everything the first season wasn't! I actually really dig the Las Vegas aesthetic too and would rather the show keep it there instead of going back to rainy ass Fiji but we'll see. This was the only good CBS show of 2020 and these are the only good winners of 2020!!! Tough as Nails notwithstanding of course.

Cast ranking coming tomorrow bc I do not have the energy to rank all 31 people tonight sorry!

Macie Lightfoot 22-12-2020 04:37 AM

she is1. Mackenzie (this bitch :love: Mackenzie was without a doubt the STAR of the first month of the show and she's one of the best characters of all time. She came in and coupled up with Connor and most people, myself included, thought they would be the obvious Barbie and Ken winners. This kinda changed once she melted down at Johnny in the second episode, but then she showed glimpses of brilliance when she guided Moira through her breakup with James. However, Mackenzie was a huuuuuuuge bunny boiler who would melt the **** down whenever anyone looked at Connor the wrong way and it was GLORIOUS. Her meltdown when America sent him on a date with Lauren was legendary and righteously played as the commercial promo for the show all season long. She basically took advantage of Connor in the Hideaway and laughed with the girlies about how inexperienced he was. She went to Casa Amor, sent back her teddy bear to make sure that Connor wouldn't forget about her, and then she left Connor for another dude. Then she regretted this and took the fact that Connor didn't accept her back immediately as a personal attack?! I guess what it comes down to is that Mackenzie has a remarkable ability to pull drama out of thin air and take any perceived slight against her as a personal attack, and it made for absolutely compelling television. Love that she and Connor are still together and I can't wait for them to make an appearance on another show soon :love:)
2. Justine (so this season was absolutely the summer of Justine and it was an amazing thing. She started off as the original islander who struggled to find love the most, quite possibly due to subconscious racism among other things. She cockroached her way through the first few recouplings and dodged a few close bullets before making *THE* ultimate game move of the season by stealing Caleb away from Rachel. The entire two hour boot episode where she effectively Idoled out Rachel was something dreamed up from a fan fic, but from there that basically sealed the win for her? She and Caleb basically coasted through the last month of the show professing their love for each other all while Justine had confessionals where she worried about making her family proud, and it kinda sounds nauseating but it was actually super endearing. Easily the best winner of 2020)
3. Kierstan (lmao this psycho :love: basically she ****ed Carrington in the shower and decided that she was IN LOVE with him even though he dumped her because he didn't agree with her lifestyle as a bartender? She responded like any reasonable human would, as she continued to try to win him back for the entire duration of the show. She proudly stood at the Casa Amor recoupling and declared her love for Carrington because "she has to stick with her guns" or something, even though she fully knew he was coming back with another girl. She announced that they were saving him at the astrology party and she moved herself to tears with her speech about how amazing of a guy he is. And after coupling up with Bennett, she spent the following week basically ignoring him in favor of coaching Laurel through her couples therapy sessions with Carrington? :joker: It was surreal watching her Single White Female Laurel and proclaim her as her best friend and Kierstan was TRULY the breakout star of this rewatch for me, all the way up to her final words where she pats herself on the back for the character growth of allowing herself to be happy for other people finding love, ie Carrington and Laurel :joker::joker::joker: in case anyone is wondering, she follows Carrington on Instagram and is desperately tagging him in stories while he doesn't even follow her back :love:)
4. Mercades ("I'm a freak for daddy" is unquestionably THE line of the pandemic and I can't believe she said that on national television only to get left behind at Casa Amor. Girl went ALL IN on trying to get into that Villa and really pulled out all the stops and I can respect her hustle, especially as she desperately tries to find her way onto Ex on the Beach of the Challenge as we speak)
5. Caleb (just a really, REALLY good dude? Didn't really have that much of a storyline but he was super loyal to Justine and the entire last two weeks were basically him calling her queen and running around the Villa screaming THAT'S MY BABY!!!!! during every game so we stan)
6. Connor (questionably straight beta male who simps for an overgrown Barbie doll :love: Connor really was in above his head with Mackenzie but it was amazing. He would tell other girls on dates that he was open to getting to know them but then he would return to the Villa and let Mackenzie browbeat him into asking her to be his girlfriend? So many great moments came from Connor: him being completely sexually inexperienced as Mackenzie took advantage of him in the Hideaway, discovering his love for bidets, his obsession with Mister Gus... it was all amazing and I'm so glad Mackenzie is continuing to boss him around post-show :love:)
7. Tre (kind of a huge ass but a completely harmless on lmao the first two weeks were ALL about Tre as he kissed like two or three girls the first night and then ultimately settled on Justine because she was actually an interesting human :love: but then Justine dropped him to sack up with Caleb and he just kinda wandered around helplessly until he got booted right before Casa Amor. It was sad because he would've THRIVED in that setting but the show kinda went on without him)
8. Laurel (random UTRP townsperson who survived the Casa Amor slaughter but then she proved herself to be super rootable in her breakout week when Carrington was ****ing with her? I feel bad because she was so smitten with Carrington but he dropped SO MANY HINTS that he just wanted a summer fling, like when he scoffed at the idea of visiting Alabama and openly told Laurel that they should have an open relationship post-show in case they meet other people, like......)
9. Carrington (so he's kiiiiiind of a jerk but I don't think he's a bad person? He's just a random siren-type figure who sucks women in and then he has no clue how to politely turn them down when they want more than sex, so that leads to him doing things like dumping Kierstan because of her lifestyle as a bartender or testing Laurel's sanity just because he wants to **** Lakeyn. He does have some charm and he really drove a lot of the story in the second half of the season so I appreciate him!)
10. Calvin (like many others, I couldn't figure out Calvin at first but by the final week it all clicks: he's just a nice-ish guy who is REALLY ****ing weird but hilariously so :love: "Miss Moira" is forever ingrained into my daily lexicon and I thank him for that)
11. Aaron (nice and charming and seems like an actually good dude? Wish he stayed longer)
12. Moira (so I like Moira but I don't LOVE her sadly. I think she peaked when she was standing up for herself against James and that was like early Week 2. After that she just became a random MOR weirdo who couldn't connect with any guy and was kind of hilariously awful about it? Dumping Calvin during Casa Amor but then threatening to quit because he also dumped her :joker::joker::joker: she had some fun one-liners but I kinda wanted more from her!)
13. Cely (good and fun but loses points for willingly shacking up with Johnny. I know lots of Reddit and the crazy Jaleb fans speculate upon her being A FAKE FRIEND because she didn't rush to help Justine get ready for the Hideaway quickly enough but I thought she was fine. She *is* a fake attention-seeker but she is authentic in her fakeness, if that makes sense? She's just a girl who wants to get more followers which is kind of what this show is about)
14. Noah ("I forgot I was a Corbin Fisher model" is perhaps the funniest excuse of 2020, but he made his two visible episodes worth it by telling Cely everything that Johnny did in Casa Amor!)
15. Rachel (lmao poor thing really came onto the show only to get ripped apart by all parts of the fandom for having a bad weave (?) and competing for the same guy as Justine. I thought she was oddly likable albeit UTR, and I randomly thought her one line to Jeremiah about how ~he had eight of her eggs in his basket~ was hilarious, especially because the very next day he basically broke up with her and got himself dumped :joker:)

16. Lakeyn (I think she was good and fun and had potential if she came in earlier! She's like....... painfully basic white girl but she seemed kinda sweet with her brother who has autism and whatnot. And she also yelled at Carrington once and it amounted to nothing but it was fun!)
17. Bennett (I thought he was fine? The nipple clamps in the construction worker stripper game was a cultural reset, and I find him decently attractive despite the fact that he looks like the evil leprechaun from Disney Channel's Luck of the Irish. Apparently he dated Supposedly Famous Sommer Rae and I guess I'm supposed to care but I don't)
18. Kaitlynn (she feels sooooooooo long ago and I remember liking her and thinking she was funny a few times but I have no recollection of it. Now all I remember her for is being a MAGAt so I cannot have her in green!)
19. James (lmao Week 1 me was SMITTEN with James and his meltdown because Moira went on a date with Calvin was truly when this season turned up for the first time so I give him some credit for being entertaining. That being said, he REALLY skeeves me out now and I was concerned for his and other people's well-being in his last two episodes #loves)
20. Jeremiah (he was nice but I didn't really care about him sorry!)
21. Faith (irrelevant Casa Amor girl who was a random fave of mine? She seemed to have potential and felt A LOT more prominent than the UTR1 guys she's surrounded with on her edgic chart, but apparently she gave Calvin a really bad kiss under the waterfall and that was it!)
22. Julia (alol poor thing came on the show with multiple girls saying she was the hottest girl they have EVER seen but then she confessed to reading forums about wizards and mages and nerdy **** and both Carrington and the editors decided to remove her from existence :joker::joker::joker:)
23. GiNiele (like all of the Casa Amor dudes, she was highly irrelevant BUT she was a fun background twerking presence and that alone is enough for her to be #23)
24. Sher (she was like vaguely negative but relevant that one time she talked about stealing Caleb from Justine but then they just like laughed in her face and then she just bounced back and forth between Calvin and Jalen in the most boring way)
25. Bennie (I remember being DEVASTATED that Cely stuck with Johnny because Bennie was right there!!! but lmao he was the most irrelevant non-Casa Amor person so who cares)
26. Pat (perhaps the most irrelevant Casa Amor dude even though he had multiple scenes where Kierstan pretended to be interested in him just to give us a storyline for the show?)
27. De'Andre (I don't think we saw a scene of him trying to pull a girl ever, poor thing)
28. Mike (random Casa Amor nobody who I feel like had a lisp somehow? and he randomly tried to get with Kierstan for like two seconds and then Justine)
29. Lauren - lmao she showed up to the Villa and everyone was repeatedly all "Lauren is *BY FAR* the hottest girl in the Villa" despite her looking...... like how she does. She definitely thought she would come in and be the it girl of the season but then she got booted in like a week and a half and tried to start drama on the way out while everyone was just like "okay thanks for visiting our season of Love Island USA goodbye :)"

30. Jalen - complete jerk who manipulated Mackenzie so he could get into the Villa and then immediately gaslit her and tanked her chances. I will never forgive him for his crimes against the audience!
31. Johnny - cheating ass who got WAY too charitable of an edit, and even though Jalen ultimately ****ed Mackenzie over the most directly I think Johnny really set the stage for it by turning the whole Villa against her. Like it's good that he didn't win but he still came in second place and I had to watch him for six week so

Zizu 22-12-2020 07:27 AM

I hated the USA version but LOVED the Australian Series 1 !!!

Any ideas how I can view the second series of Australian Love Island ??

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Macie Lightfoot 27-01-2021 07:49 PM

So I discussed it in D*scord but never posted about it here, but Johnny/Cely are done and Justine/Caleb had an AWFUL breakup recently where it was revealed that Caleb had a girlfriend all along?!?!

Anyways, in good news, we are RENEWED and going to HAWAII :love:

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