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Originally Posted by Elliot View Post
You could tell she clearly liked him, which just seemed strange due to her hatred for bear and heís so clearly trying to copy him. It was awfully strange. But it havenít cancelled Emma for me anyway after her fantastic roxy interview itíll prob take a murder
..yeah it was obvious that she did like him, Elliot...but I think many people have liked him but didnít like Bear and vice versa...theyíve liked Bear but havenít liked Lewis G so there are other individual characteristics involved also obviously with them both...itís funny though how a housemate considered leaving because she was being seen as an Ďenablerí of his behaviour...and that wasnít shown at all to him, the impact his behaviour was having on the people who are forced to share a living space with him....whether the impact be intended or not, this is how his housemates were feeling about him...I mean thatís a really important thing to show in an eviction interview, surely...especially as it involved behaviour that contributed greatly to him being being evicted and sat in that chair in front of her...and also would have contributed to Kay leaving, had she done so....Emma not only accepted his ĎI always apologiseí go too stance...but she agreed with it as well and said...yeah, you do always apologise...or something like that from what I recall...instead of saying, if you gave more thought to your behaviour Lewis in taking in how it makes others feel ...then you wouldnít need to apologise so much...saying sorry means nothing when the behaviour just carries on with no thoughts to actually addressing it after the apologies...

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