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Default Ofcom and Netflix

I've just been reading about how these two relate to each other (if at all I wondered) and came across a Radio Times article that reads as follows...

How are Amazon and Netflix regulated?
Here it gets complicated. Netflix and Amazon do not, obviously, have watershed restrictions. And how an on-demand service is regulated depends on where the provider is established. That’s determined by a number of factors including where the head office is based, where editorial decisions about the service are taken and where a significant part of the relevant workforce is based.

In the case of Netflix, it falls within the jurisdiction of Holland, but it still has to abide by the terms of the European Union’s Audio Visual Media Services Directive, which dictates standards for on-demand services, particularly covering potential harm to children (you can read them here if you’re interested). But Ofcom has no power to issue sanctions on Netflix, as it is regulated by the Dutch regulator.

UK consumers who may not feel this offers the protections they want are of course able to invoke parental controls on subscriptions: if you pay for Netflix and you’re a parent then it’s up to you to introduce your own safeguards.
Interesting. I don't know if Netflix is interested in BB or not, but something like this seems like a natural home for Big Brother. They could have their own website for the 24/7 live coverage as well.

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