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Originally Posted by LukeB View Post

Sian is harmless and a sweetheart unlike some of them. She hasn't done anything bad at all but Lewis F who has been nasty gets the support?
Most of the time I'm not fully engaged with the HLs - so up until Sian said "have an apple Cameron... ohwait" I barely, if ever, noticed her presence She never struck me as someone to dislike, I just felt stronger support to others

But absolutely, since around the time Kay left I'm come to ADORE Sian. All around lovely. Might have a bitch now and then but everyone bitches (yet most aren't held accountable, whereas Sian is) and doesn't change the fact she's had a good heart.
I guess it all does come down to who you prefer (bigger, OTTN characters or smaller, nicer characters) BUT it feels so odd that Lewis fans can call Sian such awful things? When Kay walked, Lewis didn't shed a tear and just thought about himself and how he would come across, yet some people who didn't blink an eye at that will condemn Sian for not faking sadness to Lewis' departure

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