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Originally Posted by DouglasS View Post
I can’t deal with veronica, what a terrible character. Show would be much better if she was written off. Betty is far more interesting and better acted and suits being the Lead female (which she basically is now).

Veronica has ruined Archie also with this ongoing Lodges SL (which has ruined Hermione who has had a personality transplant). Kill off all the lodges they’re awful and dull.

Loving Betty’s family though, they’re well written, her mother is both rootable and tragic. Chic is a good addition as he’s properly messed up and a mini villain.

Cheryl is great on this show also, she needs to be used more

Archie also has way more chemistry with Betty than Veronica. Jughead needs to be less obsessed with the serpents also
Still the same as last year it seems. At least they've used Cheryl more this year, but they need to not constantly use Cheryl and Toni as an item. They're a rootable couple, but its constant.

Betty is still the best written character in this show and seems to be the only one to progress the plot along / stay true to her character.
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