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Originally Posted by DouglasS View Post
Veronica is probably one of the worst characters in TV history. She's written so poorly. Well the entire lodge family is. Her mother has a personality transplant every season and could clearly just be different mistresses of Huron. Huron is a ridiculous villan that is not beliavable. Veronica would have so much power and shes literally let her boyfriend/friends be attacked by her dad and still acts all lovey-dovey with him. Shes completely ridiculous and needs to be killed off asap.
Veronica isn't a bad character

she has way more Chemistry now with Reggie, them running that nightclub at basement of pop's

Hiram first i saw him as villain

now not anymore more like Veronica tries to steer him to be a more good guy, i see Gladys Jones more as a villain
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