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Not surprised by the Gargoyle King being Chic. The reveal was anticlimactic though. But I guess that happens when they make it obvious (unknown blond guy getting a tattoo, connection with Black Hood, etc)

Am I really supposed to believe Jason's dead corpse was believed to be real by Cheryl under hypnotherapy? I thought they'd say Chic was standing in for Cheryl's hallucinations when he was revealed to be taking the identity of Jason

So who WAS the original Gargoyle King? We know Penelope introduced the game but I also got the impression she wasn't the Gargoyle King originally, just helping them

The moment Betty said, "Do I know you?" to the detective, I knew he'd say he's Charles. What I wanna know is how he and Alice met. And how Betty's allowed to so publicly talk about her mum being an FBI detective.
It also just feels like a cliche fanfic with Betty and Jughead being recognised by the FBI as being good detectives.

So is every season from now on just gonna end with Hiram getting someone arrested? I'm getting bored of him.

So are we EVER gonna find out how the Farm caused so many teenagers to have seizures? Why's this some big mystery? The answer's not gonna be interesting/worth nearly a year wait

Was Polly in on Alice being an FBI agent?

Why is the Farm storyline taking longer than twenty ****ing two episodes/an entire season?

What the **** is Cheryl doing with Jason's corpse?

Are we meant to think Jughead's dead at the end? Because I'm not believing it for a second

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