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Despite some accusations that Matthew is a troll that disrupts the forum, the forum clearly disagrees, an incredible increase on last years position and cracking the top 10 in his second most Loved appearance shows how appreciated he is across the boards.

TiBB says..

Caring member, glad to have gotten to know him

I love Matthew but I feared he doesn't truly know me when he asked me to go on TiBB's hotseat (does he not know the venom I'd receive? Does he know me that little?), but on that note, Matthew's forum game participation is just a fraction of the dynamic forum member/person he truly is. Any enemy of RileyH is a friend of mine! Within the first few months of joining, Matthew ranked every housemate of 2017 (exposing his questionable taste in housemates - but we embrace that. That little imperfection just makes him even more perfect) and has since contributed to the forum with quality and quantity. His arista impression alone is worthy of a place in Most Loved!

Only got to know Matthew more recently during games and random chat but he's a lovely person who I think makes a lot of great points, very much one of my faves!

My closest friend on the forum

A nice member who is bringing back Tibbs Hotseat. Gotta love him for that. He is very polite and friendly.

Voting for this LOVELY fellow Scot! Such a friendly funny upbeat member!

Iím beginning to like Matthew as much as he likes his food! Ok the food stuff is a bit of an old running gag but the guy is frankly awesome.

shaping up to be a really great member, love his developing passion for posting against bigotry and injustice; a decent and lovely guy

Very down-to-earth and patient. Matthew is a lovely guy with not a bad bone in his body, and can be very helpful and supportive, especially in times where it's needed.

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