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Originally Posted by LukeB View Post
I haven't watched any of season 3, is it any good?
it's got its many many flaws, but I lowkey enjoyed it, but that's because my expectations are very low. I don't expect much and I accept that it's cringey as **** and having those low expectations make it more enjoyable for me - this is a show where people walk around and say "I beg your misogynistic pardon?" in conversation unironically, after all

If you enjoyed season 1 and 2 for the characters and the twists (no matter how nonsensical they are), there's definitely something to enjoy here. but just expect a lot of it to be nonsensical, and missing some aspects on Season 1 and 2 that gave the show its charm in the first place (minor spoilers-ish for elaboration in spoiler below)


it feels like we barely see the "core four" together which really annoys me because its that dynamic which keeps me interested

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