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Default Christie Murphy’s Business Destroyed by BB21 Trolls

Big Brother 21 houseguest Christie Murphy‘s will leave the BB21 house to find that internet trolls tried to destroy her boutique business. Toxic Big Brother “fans” are working together and leaving low-ranked 1-star reviews to deliberately harm her business. This is causing the Christie Murphy’s ratings to plummet severely damaging her company.

Because Christie Murphy shared the name of her boutique, Mystic Earth, during her Big Brother interview, it wasn’t hard for fans to find. Which might have been a mistake on her part because some BB fanatics are ruthless. They will attack businesses and even family members if they want. Especially, if their fav is being targeted.

Well, some Big Brother trolls took it too far by leaving negative reviews for her company. Over the course of several hours several trolls posted false claims of experiences they had in her store.

Regardless of how you feel about a Big Brother player, creating fake stories and making up lies about their livelihood is wrong. But, many BB fans are jumping into Mystic Earth Boutique’s reviews (despite their feelings towards Christie Murphy) to defend her. Christie’s mother, Janice, even explained the situation for customers that might happen upon the negative reviews.

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