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I feel the exact same way, I loved it at the time, amazing production for once i.e game changer back to basics format big coin were all great,

The only way i can describe this series is like a more modern more diverse BB4 which isnt a bad thing necessarily but there simply wasn't enough drama and friction. The only housemates from that series i would consider great housemates would be Lewis F, Anamelia, Tomasz and Cameron. Brooke and Kay were interesting and had a lot to bring to the table, and then the likes of Akeem and Sian were just incredibly dull and Sian is pretty much the modern day Elizabeth Woodcock

I love this series personally but i would not consider it a classic like 3 5 and 6. It set out with good intentions but it ultimately failed to have the similar type of drama like previous series like 17 had.
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