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Loved the latest episode. So good to finally see Iorek, Lee, Hester and Kaisa. Can't wait for Serafina to arrive now The panserbjorne look so good, these production values are cinematic

The scene of Lyra and Pan watching the northern lights I love anything wintry and Arctic based so I'm glad we've reached the heavily North based portion of the book now

I feel so sad for the golden monkey Although Mrs Coulter's cruelty towards him (which I don't remember being in the books?) is a great way to illustrate her self loathing and flesh her out even more.

I have a feeling episode is gonna be a particularly good one.

It's called The Lost Boy which is the chapter of the book where Lyra finds Tony Makarios after he's been severed from his daemon and dies. The show has given Billy Costa's daemon the same name as Tony's in the book and he hasn't appeared himself so I'm guessing Billy will die next week

(book spoilers in the tags)
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