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8th Matthew.

Last Year: 10th | Previous Peak: 10th
Round One: 26 Points
Round Two: 77 Points
Total: 103 Points

Another excellent performance for Matthew who has managed to climb even further into the top ten. A kind, funny and friendly member that most people didnít have enough nice things to say about. Congrats Matthew!

TiBB says..

He is so kind and wholesome, wouldn't hurt a fly. He always comes up with something interesting to chat about.

Maffew, my scottish shuttlecock loving king, you brighten up my day with your cheesy puns, Jean Slater related banter and just everything in general, whenever I see a notification saying youíve messaged me, my eyes light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed x

Genuinely nice guy. Even though all he does is eat heís really solid and itís been a pleasure to get to know him

Matthew is an absolute sweetheart. Polite charming and funny. He warms the cockles of my heart.

always got my back- genuinely a decent person. Heís hilarious too. I like him a lot

I first saw he has good taste in food and appetite, then I saw he has a good heart too. Heís a good loyal boomer supporter and I appreciate that someone has to do it in this day and age!

Matthew is delightful! Heís such an easy person to chat to, heís always a laugh, and heís always displaying his generosity by stanning the quirky old women because no one else will

A genuinely nice person and a fellow cheese lover, what more is needed?

Scots are the best of course, although he lives in Aberdeen but who can judge him. A great guy.

Love chatting with him about Survivor and other stuff, and stanning Vecepia & Sean with him <3 He's a genuinely nice person and deserves to do well in this!

Another one of my closest and oldest friends, Matthew is sweet, kind, funny and thoughtful. I've enjoyed participating in TIBB games with him and he's deffo an (online) friend for life.

8th Kate!

Last Year: 26 | Previous Peak: 4
Round One: 28 Points
Round Two: 75 Points
Total: 103 Points


I kid of course

Another member who almost won this year, there was a point halfway through the second round of voting where Kate was quite a few points ahead of second place. Alas it wasnít to be, but 7th place is nothing to turn your nose up at, so congrats Kate.

TiBB says..

We always have great chats with each other, I've never really had an issue with Kate as a member.

She's alright, isn't she?

Such a sweetheart that should cheer up anybody with her presence. Always love her telling me good morning while it's night time in the USA.

CaraMariaBella queen! Her fued with qwa is a scream

What's up cool cats and kittens? Kate is the Carole Baskin of TiBB, except she didn't kill her husband! She always checks in on me to make sure I'm okay, probably more than anyone in the forum and it's always so appreciated. She also runs some great games on here and I'm hoping she does very well in this Most Loved!

Youíre bloody gorgeous Kate, itís been over a year since your gracious return and youíre still bringing so much to the forum, with various forum games, some that were brilliant, some that... existed, but whatever you do, you do it in style, Iím proud to have you as a friend x

Ah Kate, what would TIBB be without her? I dread to even think about it. She is a lovely, kind and outgoing person who lights up any thread she enters/creates. Her positive presence is truly felt and the forum wouldn't be the same without her.

Unintentionally hilarious and a lovely woman, Kate is universally liked by everyone on TiBB and for good reason. She is a motherly presence to all and god love her for it.

Thereís many reasons why I have Kate on my list but too name a few. Firstly she is very sweet and always saying Ďhelloí and being polite to everyone on the forum. It is nice as well how she tries her best to keep the forum alive by trying new games and ideas and stuff. Secondly, she seems like a right laugh, I always enjoy her posts and our chats that we have. Finally, she is someone who spreads a lot of positivity on a forum that a lot of people are slowly beginning to give up with including myself, so she is one of those people who make me feel a bit more inclined to return. Kate is a lovely lady and a great friend to have here.

A loveable pest

Game ideas, she has them

The scars on my mind are on replay
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