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Originally Posted by Livia View Post
When he was first elected he said he wanted to work together with the government and jointly end the emergency and swiftly as possible. I thought, well, that's good to hear. Since then, every time I've seen him he's been moaning about the government.
yes very disappointing, given people still seem to be trying to get their head around lock down, I heard some chap on the radio yesterday asking how long he could go out and exercise for like use your common sense, and given we are heading for at least 3 more weeks of lockdown, to start talking about an exit strategy now would confuse the thickos I am afraid.

KFC, Burger King, and Pret are opening for deliveries today, so that is part of an exit strategy but it doesn't need trumpeting....ITS AN EXIT STRATEGY..

He needs to start reading the public mood, until the death rate is significantly lower the public do not want schools open etc

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