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Originally Posted by The Slim Reaper View Post
You have no idea, it's just guesswork. The fact a couple of people have repeated it doesn't really make it valid or truth. Didn't livia confirm herself she'd done what she was accused of and screamed that she definitely didn't do, by saying that the only way they could have found out is by reading her pm's?

But let's say he did; a serious allegation was made with implications away from the forum and James followed up and did what he was suppose to do - investigate. You know what wouldn't have made james investigate? If people treated arguments on here as just arguments on here, without having to get involved in weirdo offsite stuff.

Also, this was months and months ago so how this has reared it's head again is a mystery.
Look firstly stop getting all defensive when itís not even about you.

James has admitted he can read members private pmís so it a complete lie to call them private messages when they can be read by a third party.

James investigated the aligaties by read the said persons pmís.

Post and threads get bumped from years ago so stop trying to make out that itís a bizarre thing to do.

Iím talking about it because it falls within the spectrum of mods and admin moderating this forum.
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