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Originally Posted by thesheriff443 View Post
Look firstly stop getting all defensive when itís not even about you.

James has admitted he can read members private pmís so it a complete lie to call them private messages when they can be read by a third party.

James investigated the aligaties by read the said persons pmís.

Post and threads get bumped from years ago so stop trying to make out that itís a bizarre thing to do.

Iím talking about it because it falls within the spectrum of mods and admin moderating this forum.
I'm not defensive about it because it really doesn't affect me. The simple reason being that I know I don't do stupid stuff that would require James to trawl through my pm's.

This is the crux of this particular issue for me. Let's say I accept that james did have to investigate and read Livia's pm's to get to the bottom of a serious allegation, why is the issue here with James, and not the person doing the crazy stuff who accidentally admitted doing what they were accused of, despite denying it forever?

We all post on here. Some people I get on well with, some not so much, but none of those people should ever have to fear me coming after them irl because of crap they might say to me on this forum, and neither should you or I.


Originally Posted by Livia View Post
I think he was one of the best members we ever had here. Funny, intelligent and frustrating and really very kind. I hope he comes back.
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