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Default 2021 realistic wishlists

some who i would like to see at some point are

Nick Knowles - i mean he's very known into BBC, with DIY SOS show and i think he would make a nice household name signing too

Dan Walker - i mean pls sign him already, he would also be a nice partner for Nadiya i guess

Bonnie Tyler - i mean they also managed to book Lulu and she is not that high profile anymore either but still a nice name to have on your line up

Tomasz Schafernaker - been a long time since we had our last weather presenter tbh

Adrian Dunbar - i mean he was kinda close to being on line up according to the sun last year, and i think he would make a nice signing either

Dawn French - has been asked multiple times by BBC but never has courage to say yes, hope Bill Bailey being on this years line up can convince her to do the show next year

someone from S Club, maybe?
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