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Favourites (more):
Strictly 2019: Michelle Visage
The Circle 2019: Woody
Love Island 5: Maura
CBB21: Malika Haqq

Half of this years IAC lineup I had on a realist wishlist (Derbyshire, Plummer, Watson, Arnold & Callard), so let’s see how well this goes

Anita Dobson – Actress

Ben Cajee – CBeebies host who recently went viral and anti-racism speech. Classic internal “who” BBC signing.

Ben Mudge – Fitness influencer & annual disabled signing.

Claire Grogan – Lead singer of 80s band Altered Images & lead in rom com "Gregory’s Girl".

Courtney Act – Drag Queen. Already comforted in Aus so don’t if they go for her again but she’s arguably the most famous UK-based Drag Race star. (Can see any of the DRUK top 5 signing up though, especially Divina & Baga who are now BBC regulars).

Dr. Alex George – Ex LI contestant & TV Doctor. He was on CelebMasterchef a few seasons ago (usually a good test case for potential signings), would be the most “respectable” LI star and if a covid vaccine is out by next year it be a great look for the Beep to have an actual front line worker.

Gus Kenworthy – The semi-regular American signing, Olympic skier and actor (AHS: 1984). He’s now switched teams and competes for (and live in) England (British mother)

Helen and Kate Richardson-Walsh – Hockey players, has the gimmick of a married couple competing against each other.

Joey Essex – Arguably the most iconic / recognise ex-Towie alum, competed on MasterChef so wondering that was an early vetting test from Beep.
Judy Finnigan of Richard & Judy

Meera Syal – Legendary comedian. Think Caroline & Bill competing this year will cause a lot more legends/national treasures who wouldn’t otherwise compete to take part.

Maggie Orrelenshaw – "Open All Hours” actress

Michael Gunning – Competitive swimmer. Only know him from The Bi Life but seems like a fun signing.

Nikki Anderson – Hollyoaks actress, the semi-regular “non-EE” soap star

Sarah Jane Crawford - DJ & TV host

Rev. Kate Bottley – “out-the-box” variety signing, is already employed by the BBC (Radio 4) and is huge fan. Causal viewers would recognise her from Gogglebox.

Tes Ilyas – Comedian signing

Tomasz Schafernaker – Been a while since there’s been a weather host

Tommy Fury – They get a LI contestant on eventually and think Tommy’s the safest since they can intro him as a “boxer” / “athlete” instead of “reality star” / “influencer” (especially now this Ovie’s said he’s done with reality TV).
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