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It's pretty much a given that victims are blamed for being raped, and it's wrong. Victims are put on trial as much as the rapist and everything about what they did is put under the microscope, arguably more so than that of the rapist, because you know, men can't be held accountable for their own actions. A woman HAS to be responsible somehow!

It's ****ing gross, I hate it. Rape will always be a low prosecuted crime if the way the trials continue to inherently blame the victims.
Agree with all of this, but the bolded bit..I would honestly go further than that given some cases I have followed recently..and say that the victims are put on trial MORE than the rapists.
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always cook meals, i did have chinese takeaways the year before the corona **** happened
but now not into takeaways anymore
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Did you get them delivered from Wuhan?
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I would just like to take a second to congratulate Vicky, for creating the first Tibb post that needed chapters and a bibliography.
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