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Originally Posted by Vicky. View Post
Agree with all of this, but the bolded bit..I would honestly go further than that given some cases I have followed recently..and say that the victims are put on trial MORE than the rapists.
I agree. I sat through a rape case of a family member a few years ago. It was a case of consent, my family member was friends with the rapist and had had a brief relationship with him in the past but it had not worked out and they kept as friends. He raped her one night after a night out, she had said no he forced her anyway. During the trial, the defence and their witnesses brought up her sexual past, but the jury were not allowed to know of a previous allegation against him,his history of football violence and general ****tyness. The judge at one point asked the defence if they were going to trot out the names of every person the victim had slept with. It was a horrible experience to sit through,came down to her word against his (despite the blood, bruising and state of her) and he was acquitted. She would not advise ANYONE of ever going through a trial like that as they tarnished her whilst he was made out by the defence to just be a "lad"
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