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i can really see the line up being something like


Louise Minchin - BBC journalist, especially now her ban has been lifted

Shona McGarty - EastEnders Actress

Rev Kate Bottley - Journalist, tv presenter

Sam Quek - Olympic medalist Hockey player (yes maybe too soon after she gave birth back in March but she got quite a few new jobs currently, at BBC so maybe she would be on this years line up to give herself more a popularity boost)

Nadiya Hussain - TV Chef, GBBO winner (might make sense since she got a good Netflix deal now too, to promote her content on that through here)

Mimi Webb - singer-songwriter, recent new rising star (in light of HRVY success maybe another rising popstar to push for a wider audience )

Kelly Macdonald - Actress (in light of Line of Duty popularity and most others are unrealistic probably)

Michael Owen - former international footballer, Lions Legend (in light of England's success story at euro2020/21)

Jordan North - BBC Radio 1 DJ (in light of his popularity on IAC last year)

Tony Blair - former prime minister (do think BBC would want another politician signing but just a not as obscure one as Jacqui Smith was last year)

Owain Wyn Evans - BBC weather presenter (the one for the first male same-sex pair)

Jermaine Jenas - former footballer, pundit and now the new One Show presenter

Dr Emeka Okorocha - NHS medical doctor, Nigerian Prince (third in line to the throne in his family's province)

Marcus Brigstocke - Comedian, Actor, Satirist

David Hasselhoff - Actor, Singer, TV Judge, TV Personality (yes he had done DWTS US before ok, but Pamela Anderson had done different versions too and somehow think David might do loads better here than in the US same as how his music comes across better in Europe than US too)

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