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Default Channel 4 has brought back The Steph show 12:30PM

[Channel 4 plans to bring back The Steph Show
from its new studio in Leeds in mid-September.
The show, fronted by
former BBC Breakfast presenter Steph McGovern,
launched earlier than planned on March 30th
from McGovern's own home because of lockdown.

However, it came off air after just six weeks in late April
following reports that neighbours were unhappy
with the property being turned into a
makeshift television studio.
Ratings were also disappointing,
with just 234,000 viewers tuning in
for the debut episode.

The new run of the show will be from
Channel 4’s new studio at Leeds Dock,
which had been only partly constructed
when lockdown began.

Because of continuing social
distancing rules, producers are considering
having a small number of “family bubbles” at
recordings, rather than a live studio audience,
according to Broadcast.]

[McGovern had announced the
postponement of her “locked down” show
via Twitter at the end of April, adding
that it would return from its
permanent home at Leeds Dock in “a couple of months”.]

Yes her Guests each day and Guest Chef
cost money.

I would have shown it late night as well.

It was on at 12:30PM weekdays.
Former Labour Home Secretaries
would stay in Hotel
to be on time.
That an Expensive Production Costing,

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