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Originally Posted by Mystic Mock View Post
I'm still catching up at the moment, but I'm not really feeling the series that much at the moment, I definitely preferred the startup to the last BBCAN, hopefully this series grows on me as it goes along.

Anyway my rankings so far.

1. Derek X - He is the only one I'm sure that I like so far, even if the highlights don't show him that much.
2. Tiffany
3. Frenchie
4. Claire
5. Brent
6. Britini - She gave a good meltdown to being nominated.
7. Sarah Beth
8. Xavier
9. Hannah
10. Alyssa
11. Derek F
12. Travis
13. Azah
14. Whitney
15. Christian - I don't like how shallow he comes across to me.
16. Kyland - Tbh I'm not into Housemates that cry too much, I know that's a harsh thing to say, but it's a personal thing that I hate to watch on Big Brother.
I'm gonna update my rankings as I feel like there's some changes in my opinion.

1. Derek X (Non)
2. Azah (+11) - She may be too emotional for the Game, but I like the fact that she seems to be playing the Game less racially motivated than the other Cookout members, it's controversial to say this but racial wars in the BB house aren't at the top of my list at the moment. But yeah I basically like the fact that she's standing by Britini.
3. Britini (+3) - I'm sorry but Britini is TV gold, I don't get the public's issue with her.
4. Brent (+1) - I haven't seen the eviction episode yet, but Brent's gonna be a sad loss for me.
5. Tiffany (-3) - I appreciate that Tiffany is a big character for the Show.
6. Claire (-2)
7. Alyssa (+3)
8. Xavier (Non)
9. Derek F (+2)
10. Sarah Beth (-3) - Does she do anything on Live Feed?
11. Hannah (-2) - I get that she doesn't like Brent and she wants him gone, but Hannah & Whitney were more nasty about Brent than Brent was about them. Brent's biggest crime is that he is a douche, they're hating on him on a more severe level than what he is actually doing wrong imo.
12. Whitney (Non)
13. Kyland (+1)
14. Christian (-1) - His clearly more interested in being a Love Island contestant than a BB contestant.

Tony Harrington you seriously need to go to Specsavers.
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