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Originally Posted by Mystic Mock View Post
1. Derek X (Non)
2. Azah (Non)
3. Claire (+3)
4. Tiffany (+1)
5. Britini (-2)
6. Xavier (+2)
7. Derek F (+2)
8. Hannah (+3)
9. Sarah Beth (+1)
10. Kyland (+1)
11. Alyssa (-4) - She just hasn't done as much as I was expecting at this point.
12. Christian (Non) - I'm sorry but he is an idiot, he should be able to tell that there is a six person alliance in the house, yet he was too busy taking Whitney out.

Going by the last episode The Cookout look like they might be fracturing a little bit which might finally make the series exciting.
The way I'm feeling at the moment.

1. Derek X (Non-Mover)
2. Claire (+1)
3. Tiffany (+1)
4. Azah (-2)
5. Britini (Non-Mover)
6. Derek F (+1) - He is a bit of a grumpy bastard, but he can be funny with it sometimes.
7. Kyland (+3) - His delusions do make me laugh.
8. Sarah Beth (+1)
9. Alyssa (+1)
10. Xavier (-4)
11. Hannah (-3)

For me my bottom three are for these very reasons.

Alyssa for being boring and an airhead.

Xavier for strangling the life out of any real or spontaneous gameplay in the season to keep it exciting. And is keeping the rac- I mean "the mission" alive thus killing any real gameplay.

And Hannah for not really doing anything, but bizarrely liking to talk like she's relevant in the game. I get that Derek X likes Hannah, but that doesn't mean that I have to.

I'm probably being harsh, but it's honestly how I see the three of them at this point.

Tony Harrington you seriously need to go to Specsavers.

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