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This forum is largely dead and it's probably for the better but I'm still going to post my cast ranking and stuff here just for easy access.

1. Sarah Beth (I liked her in the beginning of the season when she was playing an impressive game and nobody suspected anything of her. I started to LOVE her when she randomly became a house and Reddit hate figure for targeting someone outside of her alliance for half a day and crying to get Derek X to not take $5000 from her I don't know, there's just something about everyone coming up with conspiracy theories about The Real Sarah Beth while she just hung around the house and was oblivious to everyone hating her. Forever sad that the razor moment didn't even make the recap episode )
2. Alyssa (Reddit HATING her for being a bikini girl who had her own swimwear line and cheated through her college courses because she likely has a learning disability and is admittedly friends with of cokeheads ChrisAlyss was one of the better showmances in recent BB history because she clearly just wanted to make out with someone to pass the time by, but she also impressed me a little bit as a gamer? Obviously she didn't play a GOOD game but the pieces are there and she really knows how to hustle when her back is up against the wall. Honestly it was a tossup between #1 and #2 for girly girl but I went with #2 for some reason)
3. Frenchie (the DR cue cards were A Lot *BUT* he really was necessary to get the season started off on such a chaotic note. His HOH week is an all-time disaster and his downfall was equally impressive. I could watch feeds of him all day both when he is in power and when he is out of power, and I think that speaks to his power as a HG?)
4. Azah (so I wasn't really THAT high on Azah for most of the season. She was good and fun but not someone I was passionate about. I'm still not supremely passionate about her BUT she made the last two weeks epic and really showed the worth in having a full F4 week and even a full F3 week. Can't really comprehend how someone who is such a fan of all sorts of reality TV ended up getting on a show only to lay in bed all summer long and want to play a moralistic game but I'm here for it. Highlights including mhmming Frenchie for like 90 minutes straight that one night and her friendship with Derek F slowly unravelling throughout the last two weeks of the season)
5. Christian (alol SO simple-minded but just fun and a really good sport about things? Not a bad bone in his body and was just a fun presence with his backdoor and the entire ChrisAlyss saga. He's adorable and clearly had a lot of fun being on TV after Jeff Probst allegedly rejected his audition tape for Survivor and he was an alternate for Love Island? And I think he also applied for the Circle too?)
6. Tiffany (undeniably epic both as a player and as a human. One of the funniest this season and had some of the best delivery in her DRs and other comments she'd make in the house, and is absolutely the most worthy of returning to play another season. Loses some points for the Sarah Beth thing but them becoming Jury House BFFs was a fun turn of events )
7. Xavier (not the most dynamic personality but I didn't find him offensively boring at all. Ultimately I think he's A Good Person whose win was deserved albeit predictable. But he seems like a fun person in real life and he actually read his cue cards well in the DR and honestly that's all it takes some times?)
8. Derek F (so the misogyny and general attitude is Not Good but ultimately he's green and this high because I just cannot take him seriously at all. Becoming the F2 goat to lose unanimously really was the perfect ending for someone who sat on the big blue couch all summer and tried to take credit for a bunch of things he never did. Also, as bad as some of his misogyny was he was FUNNY even when he was giving awful DRs about Whitney's "workout top" and how if he can't say he carried Azah then he'll say he backpacked her or suitcased her or grocery bagged her)
9. Britini (she was A Lot and equally annoying and hilarious. Definitely a good person but just not cut out for the game at all. One of my favorite motifs in the first half of the season was waiting for the feeds to come back on Friday evening only to find her sobbing hysterically about how unfair it was that she was nominated again her 21 day contingency plan was something else, and Doortini was A Moment)

10. Kyland (lmaoooo who is this creature. I never understood the hype around him in the beginning of the season but I'm kind of on board with the hype now? Just so embarrassingly bad and awkward on a human level with his tyrannical HOH reigns and how he would say so ****ing much but never actually say anything and his spat with Xavier during his exit and his TWITTER COMPLAINTS like what on earth. I don't really like him as a human, but his friendship with BBUK's Charlie Travers suddenly makes so much sense???)
11. Whitney (could've been a star on a season with a less star-studded cast but here she is. Sad the Sandy Hook thing between her and Claire wasn't brought up in the finale)
12. Claire (handled her boot better than most people would, but lol. Hilariously irrelevant for someone who was hyped up for being an amazing superfan. Forever associated with Save Your Tears for Another Day)
13. Derek X (not as bad as I expected but that doesn't really make him good? At his worst in Week 1 and the finale when his whole thing was I'm Asian But In A Fraternity, at his best when he was attempting to learn how to play Big Brother but sucked at it)
14. Hannah (also fine on a human level but boring and overrated by her rabid fans)
15. Brent (one of the most humiliating boot weeks ever but that doesn't really make him that good, sorry)
16. Travis (love when the first boot is at the bottom of a cast ranking. Can't believe Reddit mourned his loss???)

Overall I liked this season! The cast is one of the most likable ever and it was endearing how they just had a lot of fun being around each other and really valued The Experience. The Cookout is also an all-time alliance in terms of dominance and also importance to the meta of Big Brother. That being said, this season WAS a little too predictable at times and there was a distinct lack of drama that I love in Big Brother. I also don't think this cast is super strong at the top? I really do like a lot of them but there isn't anyone who I really LOVE as an all-time favorite of mine. But this was still a mostly fun season to watch and I think Weeks 1, 5, 11, and 12 were some of the strongest just off the top of my head.
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