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Default Hello and maybe goodbye.

Hi everyone,

So you may remember me or you may not. My name is 1984BBFan aka Gamepodfan. The only reason I am here is to apologize for the things I did back in 2015/6. Looking back at my post from back then, I was clearly trolling without even knowing it. I was clearly making people annoyed by making side shows, My own games without asking the mods first, making too many thread about random things and always arguing with people. I started looking back at these in 2020 in which when I looked back at my post, I started like cringing and wondering why the hell I did that.

I also want to apologise to the members for who I've argued with. Especially the mods. I know understand that the mods where only doing their job and all I did was just argue with them.

I don't know if any of the mods or members are still here but if you are, I want to apologise to you if I upset you or annoyed you.

I'm thankfully not like what I was before anymore. For a start, I don't do Game Pod anymore so that's good. I don't troll anymore and I don't really get in arguments.

You can accept this if you want too but if you don't want to then I understand.

Thank you for the good times I've had where I wasn't being like that. I hope everyone is ok as well.
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