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Originally Posted by arista View Post
[Teachers are 'quitting their jobs' after
being falsely labelled 'paedophiles' by
students in TikTok videos
Teachers are said to be quitting their j
obs after being falsely called 'paedophiles'
Students have been making 'derogatory comments'
about staff on TikTok videos
Our Lady and St Patrick's High School
in Dumbarton was affected by the content
Police Scotland is aware of the
'upsetting' jibes being hurled at staff by students]

One evil way to get rid of your teacher

[Our Lady and St Patrick's High School in Dumbarton,
West Dunbartonshire, has been hit by the
harmful craze and has urged parents to
check their children's phones after
a string of derogatory videos were shared
on social media.

Elsewhere, Cwmtawe Community School
in Wales had to call the police after
a meme falsely suggested one teacher
was an offender, while The de Ferrers Academy
in Burton has seen students covertly
taking pictures of teachers in class
to use in often 'sexualised' videos.]

The students should be dealt with harshly imho

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