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Bold lettering is speech (usually Mary Alice)

Season 6/ Episode 1

Title: You may kiss the bride.

Mary Alice opening:
Mike Delfino always knew he'd get married again

Mike putting on his groom suit whilst looking into a mirror

Even after endless fighting

Flashback of Mike and Susan arguing

Even after endless nights on the couch

Flashback of Mike sleeping on Susan's couch

And even after a messy divorce

Flashback of Mike and Susan arguing in a divorce lawyers office

Yes, Mike Delfino always knew he would get married again

Mike pulls down a viel in his wedding ceremony to reveal Susan's face!

Just not to the same bride

Credits role.

The episode begins with the reception of mike and susans wedding, all the neighbours are there including the Solis and Scavo families, Bree, Karl and Andrew Van De Kamp, Katherine, Mrs.McKluscky and other unknown guests. Mike begins giving a speech telling everyone how happy, and proud he is to be married to susan once again, telling the entire room how he always knew she was his true love, Susan notices Katherine sitting at the back of the room, Susan feels arkward and kicks Mike to signal that he should shut up becuase Katherine (his ex) is sitting only feet away, Mike sees Katherine and ends his speech and the party continues, Mike then sees Katherine leave and goes out after her leaving Susan at the table in the reception. Katherine tells Mike she is happy for him and that she has to go becuase Dillan is visiting tommorow and she needs an early night, Mike tells her that she shouldnt feel uncomfortable and that he didnt leave her becuase he didnt love her, he left her becuase he loved susan and had a child with her, and reveals he went back for MJ's sake so that he could experience family life the way he never did, Katherine tells Mike that she understands and tells him that she wishes him and susan the best and then leaves the party. during the party Bree tells Karl that they shouldnt be seen together as she doesnt want anybody to know that they are starting a relationship, Karl tells Bree that he doesnt care what anybody thinks and starts to kiss her, Bree pushes away and rushes awat from Karl, Susan saw what Karl did and confronts him asking him if him and Bree are an item, Karl tells Susan that they are not, Susan then laughs at the fact she thought Bree would ever touch a sleeze ball like him, Karl reacts to this by telling her that they are infact in a relationship and Bree has 'touched' him more than once, Susan drops her wedding cake in shock and looks over at Bree, Bree notices Susan staring at her in shock and realises that Susan must know about her and Karl. Mike returns to the party room and sees Susan and Bree arguing in the centre of the room, Mike asks what is going on and Susan shouts "My best friend is shacking up with my best enemy thats whats going on my friend!" Mike tells Susan to calm down and then asks Karl to leave, Bree then tells Karl to stay and calls Susan a terrible host, Karl refuses to leave and Mike tries to force him out, Karl refuses again and pushes Mike, Mike then reacts by Pushing Karl who then falls onto Bree causing her to fall straigh into the wedding cake, everyone screams in disbelief and Bree stands up covered in cake.

The next day begins with Lynette sat in her doctors office, she is having a scan of her unborn twins. the doctor asks Lynette about her previous kids and wonders why she decided to have more kids so long after her last child (Penny) Lynette dodges an answer and the doctor asumes that the new twins were an accident, which Lynette finds quite rude, The doctor then states that he thinks its great when a much older woman decides to have another baby, and tells her that she is probably going to be fine throughout her pregnancy because older women can give birth just as well as younger women, this cuases Lynette to shout at her doctor telling him that she is still infact considered to be a 'younger' woman and storms out of the scan, Tom who is waiting outside sees Lynette storm out with only a hospital gown on and follows her to the front desk asking her what she is doing, Lynette tells Tom that she refuses to deal with a sucky doctor for nine months and demands he asks for a new doctor, Tome tells her shes being ridiculuos and asks her what the doctor could have possibly done that was so bad, Lynetter says "he said I was old", Tome then says to the nurse at the desk "We need a new doctor" without hesitation.

The next scene begins with Gabby watching their her niece, Anna, who has just moved in apply her make-up in Juainta's bedroom. Gabby asks her to put on her make up some place else becuase she doesnt want Juanita to start wanting make up again, Anna telle Gabby that if Juanita wasnt so fat she wouldnt need make up and says its her own faultfor being fat anyway, Gabby reacts by telling Anna that Juanita is not fat and also tells her to shut up and leave the room, Anna agrees and leave the room, on her way out she tells Gabby "You know what aunt Gabby i was wrong, its not her fault, its yours, you dont care about your kids health half as much as you worry about your own" Gabby gives Anna a dirty looks and slams the door in her face. Gabby notices Anna make up on Juanita's desk, she smiles and then picks it up and takes it out of the room.

The next scene begins with Bree knocking on Susans door, susan answers and Bree apologises to Susan about hiding her relationship with Karl and for spoiling her wedding party, Susan also apologises and hugs Bree, Bree tells susan that her and Karl are just a fling and she needs that in her life right now becuase of her divorce from Orson, Susan agrees and tells Bree she doesnt care about Karl anymore and she can date him of she likes, Bree thanks Susan and then goes home. Susan walks back inside her house and tells Mike that Bree is acting irresponsible by dating Karl and that she is selfishly hurting others by dating him, Mike responds by telling Susan that she needs to accept their relationship becuase Bree is her best friend, Susan reluctantly agrees.

The next scene begins with Gabby knocking on her niece's door (Anna) Anna answers and asks her what the hell she wants, Gabby tells her she left some of her make up and shes gives it back to Anna, Anna takes the make up back and slams the door, Gabby smiles and shouts through Anna's door "remember to get your beauty sleep". The scene continues with Lynette and Tom at home disscussing their future newborn's, Lynette asks Tom if he feels he is ready to look after young infants again, Tom responds by telling Lynetter he isnt ready but he knows they both will raise them properly and have a great time whilst doing so, Lynette begins to cry and tells Tom she feels the doctor was right, and that she is too old to raise babies again, Tom tells Lynetter that the doctor didnt say that and that she is the best mother he has ever known, including his own, Lynette smiles and kisses Tom. The next morning begins in the Solis house, Gabby is asleep in bed with Carlos when they hear an almight scream which wakes them both up, Carlos and Gabby both run to Anna's room to find Anna screaming with a bag over her head, Carlos asks what the hell she is doing and Anna replies by telling him that her face has been messed up by the cheap make up she stole from Gabby, Gabby looks angry and tells Anna that she should never steal anything of her again, and then tells her it wasnt cheap and cost more than her old rusty home she once lived in, Anna pulls of the bag and reveal her red spotty face, Carlos tells Anna that its just a few spots whilst Gabby tries to contain her laughter, Anna slams the door and Gabby then bursts into laughter, Gabby then walks into the bathroom and hides the chemicals that she has replaced the real make up with to make Anna's face go spotty and red. Juanita runs into the bathroom and asks why Anna is scary looking, Anna overhears and looks at Gabby in anger, Gabby replies by saying "Halloween must be early this year" and then winks at Anna who then screams in anger and slams the door.

The next scene begins with Karl getting dressed to go to work whilst Bree lays asleep in her bed, Bree asks Karl why he has to go to work so early and says shes wants him to stay, Karl replies that he has to go earn the money for gifts, trips and their eventual whole life toghether, Bree tells Karl that this is just a fling and they will not be spending their whole lifes toghether, Karl agrees and says he was kidding, Bree than laughs and pulls Karl back into bed and undresses him, this part of the scene ends with them making love. The next part of the scene is in Susans house and susan is making lunch for MJ, Susan realises she has no eggs and asks Mike to pick some up for her, he tells her to ask a neighbour for some eggs, preferbly Bree becuase she will most likely to have some. Susan runs over to Brees and knocks at the door, nobody answers so she quickly runs inside and gets some eggs from the kitchen, whilst walking out she sees Karl naked walking towards the kitchen, Susan panics and jumps beneath the dining table, she overhears Karl shouting to Bree that he is bringing up the whipped cream, She then hears footsteps and hears Bree enter the kitchen, Bree tells Karl that she isnt a patient kind of women and she then pushes Karl on top of the dining table, they begin to make love on the table not knowing that Susan is hiding beneath, Susan texts Mike whilst hiding under the table telling him he will be a while, Mike then texts back and the vibrate makes a noise that Bree and Karl both notice, when they stand up to investigate an egg falls out of Susans graps and rolls from under the table. Bree and Karl both bend down and see Susan laying beneath, Susan looks at them ans says "We were out of eggs"

The next scene begins with Susan running back to her house with no eggs, Mike asks Susan where she had been and why she had no eggs, Susan telle Mike that she had been to hell and back and that instead of eggs she brought back horrible, life scarring memories, Susan then explains what happened leaving Mike in shock and laughter, Susan later phones Bree and apologises, Bree accepts and they share a laugh over the situation.

The final scene begins with Anna taking out the trash, she drops the bag on the way to the trash cans and notices her makeup which had obviously been removed from the make up packages, Anna realises that Gabby or somebody else perposely switched her make up with something else to cause her to get spots on her face. Anna runs back into the house in anger and is about to shout at Gabby, she then looks at Jaunita and stops, she then tells Gabby that the games have just begun, Gabby watched Anna walk upstairs with a worried look.

Mary Alice closing sequence.

Mike Delfino never thought he'd get married to Susan Mayer again

shot of Mike laughing with Susan

Bree Van De Kamp never thought she'd find love again
shot of Bree kissing Karl

Lynette Scavo never thought she'd give birth again

shot of lynette and Tom looking at the Babies scan picture

And Susan Mayer never thought she'd be jealous of her ex again

shot of Susan bumping into Karl and Bree at a store

Yes, most people never think they will do alot of things again, even if it means..........

shot of a mysterious woman arriving on Wisteria Lane in a moving van

Your life depends on it

End of Episode.
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