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Episode 2:
Title:[/U]'So it begins..'

Mary-Alice opening:
War, not everyone can handle it..

shot of Porter Scavo watching a film on TV, the TV showing soldiers battling in a war

Some people surrendor from it..

shot of a woman not bothering to catch the man who stole her morning paper

And some people avoid it..

shot of a teenager crossing the road to avoid a gang of teenagers

However some people start it, people like Ana Solis...

Ana walks into Gabrielles bathroom as Gabrielle is putting her make-up on, Ana confronts Gabby about switching her make up with something to make her face spotty, Gabrielle denies it and walks away. As she is walking away Ana purposley slips and falls onto one of Gabrielles expensive dresses causing it to rip, Ana looks at Gabby with a grin and says "woops"

Unfortunately for Ana, some people in war, often fight back.

Opening credits.

The episode begins with new neighbour Joanne Foster, the woman who arrived on the lane at the end of the previous episode, Joanne is unpacking when Bree, Gabby, Lynette and Susan all come over to say hello and offer a hand, Susan asks why she decided to move onto the lane and Joanne tells her that she had been offered a job in the area so she decided to relocate. Bree then gets a phone call and answers it infront of the group, Karl is on the other line and asks Bree to meet him at his place in an hour, when Bree hangs up Susan asks her who it was and Bree tells her it was Katherine. Lynette then tells the rest of the women that she has to go because she has a hospital appointment to go to regarding her unborn twins, Joanne then tells the group that she had twins and the group ask to see them, Joanne tells them that they are 23 years old and not in contact with her anymore, Joanne then seems upset and goes back inside to unpack.

The next scene begins with Lynette in the doctors office discussing the twins with her doctor and Tom, Lynette tells them both that she is still worried about giving birth at her age, Tom and the doctor tell her she will be fine when it happenns, the doctor then goes onto say that many women her age have kids and tells her its normal these days, he then laughs and says although it will be a little funny when your taking these twins to pre-school and the other kids ask why grandma is picking them up today, Lynette stares at the doctor and then at Tom, Tom jumps infront of the doctor and pushes him out of the room, the doctor opens the door and says "What the hell are you doing?", Tom the replies by saying "being a doctor you of all people should know this is for your own good".

The next scene starts in Brees test kitchen, Katherine is very frustrated becuase of the huge work load and calls Bree's cell phone, Bree doesnt answer so she leaves the test kitchen and heads towards Brees fron door to find out where she is, as she walks towards Brees front door Susan sees Katherine and says hello, Katherine walks over to Susan and asks if she has seen Bree, Susan tells her that she hasnt and asks why she needs her, Katherine then replies by saying that there is a wedding tommorow and the food is only half done and she needs Bree's help, Susan then asks Katherine if thats why she rang Bree earlier, Katherine looks at Susan confused and tells her that she hasnt called Bree today, Susan then looks confused and parts with Katherine and wonders why Bree would lie becuase that isnt like Bree, she then remembers Karl and realises that Bree is probably with him, Susan then calls Karl and tells him that Katherine needs Bree's help, Karl denied being with her and then Susan tells Karl that he doesnt have to lie to her, Karl then swears that he isnt with her leaving Susan even more confused. Susan calls Bree and she doenst answer.

The next scene begins with Gabbrielle cooking dinner, Ana walks in and tells Gabby that shes going to meet some friends at the mall, Gabby sees Ana's revealing clothes and tells her to change and then she can go, Ana refuses and walks out anyway, Gabby runs out to chase her leaving the dinner still cooking on its own, Ana sprints out of the lane and carries on running, Gabby is determined to beat Ana so she follows her, Gabby looses her and walks back home, when she arrives she sees that the house has balck smoke coming from the windows and the fire alarm is going off, Gabrielle runs inside and sees the burning dinner that she left becuase of Ana, as Gabby goes to the phone to call the fire brigade she notices a picture of Ana in a frame and smashes it.

The next scene beings with Joanne shopping in the supermarket, Joanne bumps into Mrs.McKlusky and they begin chatting, whilst they are talkning the police walk into the shop and walk past Joanne and Mrs.McKlusky, when Joanne notices them she turns away and drops something so the police cannot see her, Mrs.McKlusky notices this and feels suspicous/

Susan sees Katherine knocking at Brees door, Susan goes over to Katherine and asks if she has gotten hold of Bree yet, Katherine tells her she hasnt and says she is getting worried, Susan and Katherine break into Brees house and search for her, they dont find her but they do find a brochure to the Fairview Spa and see that she has a reciept for a massage and hotel room for today, Katherine tells Susan that she is going to drag her back here to help with the catering and says she doenst know what Bree is playing at going to a spa on a busy work day.

The next scene begins with Gabrielle cleaning up after the kitchen fire, Ana walks in and laughs and tells Gabby that she missed a spot as she walks out, Gabrielle drags Ana back into the kitchen by her hair and shouts at her, telling her to be grateful for what she is doing, taking her off the street and looking after her, Ana refuses to apologise and runs upstairs, Gabbrielle then begins to cry as she cleans up the mess, Carlos walks in and sees Gabrielle struggling and asks whats going on, Gabby tells Carlos to sort Ana out or Ana has to leave.

The final scene starts with Katherine arriving at the spa, Katherine finds out the room number Bree is in and walks to the door, she knocks and nobody answers, she then knocks and shouts aloud "Bree, Its Katherine, come out and help me with this wedding food! I know your in there...Bree?", Bree then opens the door and tells Katherine that she is coming home soon and will help her then, Katherine asks what she is doing in a hotel and then hears a man cough, Katherine asks who it is and Bree wont tell, Katherine knocks down the door to find an unknown man sitting at a table with lots of paperwork, Katherine asks who he is and what he is doing there, Bree tells Katherine that it doesnt concern her, Katherine then accuses Bree of cheating on Orson with this man, Bree and the man both laugh at that suggestion and the man tells Katherine that he is meeting Bree here to do a business deal, Katherine demands to know what kind of deal becuase Katherine is Bree's partner, Bree then tells Katherine that she has decided to sell her company to 'Smithy's Catering' and this man is the head of that company, Katherine asks why she would sell her empire and Bree tells Katherine that she has to inorder to save her marriage with Orson, Katherine then gets angry at Bree for doing this and tells her that if she has to give up her business to please Orson then the marriage is already screwed, Katherine then leaves leaving Bree feeling guilty.

Mary Alice closing sequence.

shot of Gabbrielle looking angry at Ana

Yes, War is concept that not everyone can deal with..

shot of Bree looking at Katherine leaving the test kitchen and then looking back at Orson smiling

..Some people surrendor..

shot of Tom not letting the doctor back in the hospital room

..Some People avoid it..

shot of Joanne Foster opening the door to see who is knocking, a man is standing staring at her smiling

..However for some people, avoiding war is sometimes impossible

shot of Joanne looking scared becuase of the man at the door.

End of episode
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