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Episode 4:

The opening scene begins with Cindy Mayer (Karls wife) sitting looking through the photos she took of Bree and Karl, she looks closer and realises that Bree is married to Orson (her old dentist) upon realising this Cindy gets in her car and sets off to Bree's house to tell Orson what she has done.

The next scene starts in Bree's house and Bree is making Orson breakfast, Karl calls her cell and begins to tell her that Cindy is on her way to tell Orson about the affair, Bree hangs up on Karl and rushes to the window to check when Cindy will arrive so she can get rid of her.

The next scene begins in Gabby's house, Gabrielle notices Ana stealing some money out of her purse, she then follows her and sees her meet secretly with Porter and Preston, Ana then swaps cash for a bag and then secretly returns home, when she enters the house Ana gets busted by Gabby who demands to see whats in the bag, Ana shows her and reveals an antique mexican ornament, she tells gabby that she knew gabby appreciated things like that and she bought her it as a thankyou gift. Gabby looks shocked and begins to cry and hugs Ana believing that Ana has changed for the better.

The next scene begins with Lynette noticing her boobs are getting bigger due to the pregnancy, this pleases Tom and Tom tells her that she should think of them as a good thing to come out of the pregancy she is going through. Lynetter dismisses him and walks outside to take out the trash, as she does so a good looking male jogger jogs by and cant take his eyes off Lynette's breats, Lynette smiles and liked the attention.

The next scene begins in Bree's house, Bree is sat at the window waiting for Karl's wife, Cindy, to arrive, Orson is still eating his breakfast and she gives him more to keep him distracted longer. Bree walks back into the living room to check the window when she notices Cindy arrive, Cindy parks outside Bree's house and gets out of the car, Bree rushes out and asks to talk with her privately but Cindy refuses and continues to go inside to tell Orson about Bree's affair. Bree feels desperate and grabs Cindy to stop her from going inside, Bree drags Cindy by her legs to the test kitchen and locks her inside. Bree then rushses back into the house and trues to get rid of Orson so she can deal with Cindy, she tells Orson to go buy some milk but Orson sees milk in the fridge, she then thinks of something else for him to buy but he becomes suspicous and asks why she wants to get rid of him.

The next scene starts in Katherines house, Katherine calls Bree but nobody answers, Katherine then walks over to Bree's, as she walks past the test kitchen she hears Cindy screaming, Katherine looks through the window and sees Cindy banging on the door and asking to be let out. Katherine goes into the test kitchen through the back door and fearing that Cindy is a burgular she locks the door behind her, Cindy tells Katherine of Bree's affair with Karl and tells her that she is here to tell Orson. Katherine tells Cindy that Bree is selling her company and that she is leaving her without a job, she then explains that this could be the perfect way to punish Bree so Katherines unlocks the door and lets Cindy free. Cindy runs out of the test kitchen and notices Orson driving away in his car, Bree is stood at the front door and sees Cindy, Cindy begins to run behind Orson's car shouting him to stop but Orson doesnt notice her and drives away. Cindy runs back to Bree's house and asks to talk with her.

The next scene begins with Joanne Foster, the new neighbour, watering her flowers, Susan is on the phone to Gabby who tells her tha Joanne denied ever having kids even though she told the girls that she had twins but they arnt in contact with her anymore, Susan decides to go ask Joanne if she was mistaken. Susan walks over to Joanne's house and asks her of she ever had kids, Joanne tells Susan that she hasnt which leads Susan to ask why she told her that she did earlier, Joanne tells Susan that she must have been mistaken. Susan then pretends that she has to go home and begins to walk away, as she does she notices a big scar down Joanne's back as Joanne leans over to root some weeds. Susan looks shocked and then goes home.

The next scene begins with Lynette walking down a street when shopping with Tom, Lynette gets alot of male attention becuase of her big boobs and Tom notices this, he then realises that Lynette is enjoying the attention and storms away in jealosuy, Lynette runs after him and Tom tells Lynette that hes had enough watching her get hit on for the day, Lynette tells Tom that her getting positive recognition from other people is the only good thing to come out of this pregnancy, Tom then feels bad and apologises, they then begin to drive home.

The next scene begins in Bree's house, Cindy is screaming at Bree telling her that she has ruined her life, Bree apologises and tells her that is she doesnt tell anyone nobody will have to know and life can try go on as normal, Cindy then tells Bree that Katherine already knows, Bree calls Katherine over to the house to ask her to keep quiet about the affair for the sake of herself and Cindy, Katherine comes over and asks what she will get out of it if she doesnt tell. Cindy gets even angrier and tells Katherine that she isnt in the mood to be bribed and locks the all the doors, Bree asks what Cindy is doing and Cindy pulls out a gun from her coat pocket and tells Bree to shut up and listen, Cindy tells Bree that Karl is leaving her to be with Bree, Cindy then explains that she is now going to lose her son becuase Karl will get custody becuase of her drinking problem a couple of years ago. Bree starts to apologise and so does Katherine when they realise they are being held hostage by Cindy.
Gabrielle notices Cindy's car and then notices Cindy holding a gun at someone through Bree's window, Gabby calls Bree but nobody answers so Gabby runs over to Bree's house, Gabby knocks and then begins to let herself in, Susan sees her and rushes out to ask Gabby why she's breaking into Bree's house, Gabby said tells Susan to shut up and come inside. Gabby and Susan hesitantly walk into Bree's house, as they do Cindy jumps from behind the door and points a gun at them and tells them to get inside and shut up, Susan and Gabby join Katherine and Bree who are sat on the floor with their hands behind their heads.
Ciindy continues to shout about how Bree has ruined her life, Bree and the rest of the girls tell Cindy that she has to calm down and everthing will be fine, but Cindy threatens to kill them if they do anything. Cindy then starts to cry and blames Bree for the breakdown of her marriage with Karl and for breaking up her family, Cindy then points the gun at Bree and asks Bree for any last words, just as she is about to shoot Karl bursts through the door and as a reaction Cindy turns round and shoots Karl in the chest, Cindy then screams and points the gun back at the girls and tells them that they are all going to die, Cindy points the gun at Susan and shoots her in the leg, they all scream and beg Cindy to stop, Cindy then points the gun at Katherine and shoots but there are no bullets left, Bree then runs out of the room and grabs her gun in the kitchen cabinet, she then points the gun at Cindy and asks her to leave, Cindy then refuses and grabs a knife and rushes towards Bree, Bree then shoots Cindy through the head immediately killing her.
The police arrive and take Karl to the hospital, they then grab Bree and arrest her.
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