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Originally Posted by sampvt View Post
As we come to the end of yet another interesting show, the rights and wrongs are prevalent for all to see, but who or why are we standing in judgment.

If you dig deep enough, I am sure the PC brigade could make anyone look like a sexist or a bigot. The rules and guidelines set out for such labels are wide and varied and in many cases open to interpretation. How can anyone parallel a 75 year old with an 18 year olds attitudes to life. One was raised in an era when PC referred to a booby on the beat and the other is being raised in an era when the rules or guidelines change weekly.

Having proof or no proof is academic due mainly to the condition known as tolerance. Older people generally tolerate less than the younger generation and borders are crossed when opinions are voiced. The bottom line is that the younger generation tend to argue because they seem to think that they can, the older generation argue because they want to.

Define proof, there is no proof unless you rely on gossip as none of us are actively involved in the due process of law so when we say it has been proven the Jim did this and that, what we are actually saying is that we have read or heard that he admitted to or was found guilty of this and that. In retrospect, that scenario can be flawed as Linda eluded to. She said that her bubby admitted to the lesser crime of affray regarding theft just to get the paparazzi off their doorstep. Therine lies a lie or a truth but who are we to say.

If we are all to stand in judgement of others based on gossip and hear say, then we are shooting from the hip. Men and women can change and a mans past should be held in accountability only if he perpetrates that lifestyle in todays world. Mistakes can be made and rectified making us all better people. Nelson Mandela was once a tyrant then he changed and nobody brings up his past as it suits us not to. Jims supporters want the actions of the mans current demeanour considering but his haters want the past to decide his fate. There is no right or wrong in an argument, there is only cause and effect.

Jim has been a fantastic housemate for different reasons as has Luisa but the demographic supporting both are divided. Do we judge HM,s based on entertainment value or do we chose our winner from a gene pool of niceness down to nastiness. Both have merits and both are right, so why do we argue with each other, easy, BECAUSE WE LIKE TO AND WE CAN.

I have loved my time on here and made a few friends but I never made an enemy, I just encountered worthy advisories along the way and fell on my sword way too often. I am off on holiday tomorrow and when I return, I wont be darkening your doors ever again so in leaving let me say this. Wong, Daniel, Jake and anyone else \I have upset, I am sorry and I wish you all well but please bear in mind that sometimes a fly sway is good enough to kill a fly, one does not need to use a sledge hammer.

So its goodnight from me and its goodnight from him.
its just a game show. make sure you return.
agree and disagree is all part of the fun.
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