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Originally Posted by Jules2 View Post
I doubt whether James will literally stand up for Gary against the others, he himself has been a big part of trying to bring Gary down but at the same time appearing to be helpful to him. Nevertheless, I think Gary trusts him, he has begun to sort of answer him back and the pair of them seem to have an understanding. I hope James stays until the end if Gary is there, I think to a certain extent they need each other?

GARY for the win....... Audley and James 2nd and third.

Gary Busey is 3 times the human being Bully Elliot will ever be. Need each other?

I doubt it, I don't see why a man of 3 score plus ten years, with a brilliant mind and charisma to spare would need such a low life as Mr Elliot. Yeah, there is need alright and it's all one way- nobody changes in such a manner so quickly unless they have been read the riot act. He's hanging onto the coat tails of a greater man.

The comparison to Helen and Bully Elliot is way off the mark, what you saw with Helen was what you got good and bad, nothing ever contrived, even when she realised she couldn't talk to people in such a manner it didn't curtail who she was she didn't put this pretend person on, she played it straight down the line. I think Helen and Gary would have got on like a house on fire.

As opposed to Bully E who is as devious and self righteous as they come, I wonder what it's like to live in this parallel universe where he views himself as the font of all knowledge and the paragon of all that is good in humanity. With unparalleled values and where everything he does is right and where he looks down at most others with disdain?
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