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Liking that Jarrod - sensible scheduling and I've always felt the low rated Saturday show (half of which seems to recap the eviction) would work better incorporated into a longer Sunday show. 90 minutes wouldn't be a problem for a regular show - I'm a Celeb do it regularly and the ratings for BOTS show that a good chunk of the C5 audience is willing to stick around more than an hour.

Also for all the good BB5 did to the BBUK franchise one thing it really did mess up was the evictions. From BB1-4 the crowd was never on site until the second show, and didn't need to be either. I've always said the eviction shows were much better when it was Davina talking directly to the viewer at home rather than trying to entertain the baying mob, and things like properly chatting with the friends and family, going into the camera runs and even into the house itself (e.g. into bedrooms while HMs were locked in the living area) just made the eviction show an actual "eviction show".
2009: Just a TV show.
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