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Originally Posted by rusticgal View Post
I don't like fence sitters but Keith is genuinely just a nice guy...and Keith has been very diplomatic in there and he has spoken up when he felt the need to...kava a has been the biggest fence sitter in the house...
I agree with this.Part of the attraction of the shows for myself is to try and workout who is acting out a game plan and who is reacting as normally as possible within the house.

So being a genuine nice guy who does not seek confrontation is not sitting on the fence. Last night Keith was correct not to let the drunken apology go without having a final word.He was hurt by what was said and made this clear.

If the other fella has past form for getting gobby when drunk yet still choses to drink then that's on him.

Keith does not produce exciting viewing but has maintained his decency and that's to be applauded imo.
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