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Originally Posted by Kazanne View Post
You don't know that,you are surmising what you THINK she would do,So if that is the case ,that Helen would say such a low thing,you have done exactly the same so what makes you any better? infact I doubt Helen would bring peoples kids into things,I have no delusions of Helen either,but I DO realise she is human and not perfect,and I would rather be in a minority than run with a crowd.
Tell all that to Rooney family & the other celebrity families she was happily going to ruin in the press for the sake of money.Okay they shouldnt have touched her with a barge pole, but like your heroine they to are flawed human beings. Had she been allowed to do it, their children would have been affected and Helen would not have given a damn, just so long as she got her money. Thankfully the law put a stop to her.
Further more you call me low, for daring to express concern over the welfare of a child, but you support some one who likened Brian to rapist & Serial killler, just because he had the temerity to disagree with her, I wont go into what she did to people like Jale (I see others on the forum are dealing with that one anyway) She will continue to behave this way as long as she is getting both the attention and the money. You may be happy with this but I am not, even at the risk of being called low. You support a bully if you want to but dont expect others to just follow either Helen or you. Now that her time is up, hopefully she will crawl back under the stone she came from.
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