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Originally Posted by Kazanne View Post
How on earth can anyone be anti bullying when they have said such vile things about her? the mind boggles,so much hypocrisy it stinks, you can label Helen supporters 'bullys' if it makes you feel better about yourself,but you are wrong,simple as.I work in a school,so I don't need anyone telling me what sort of job I should be doing,it's rather arrogant to presume you are right and others are wrong,we just have different opinions.Thankfully,we all see things differently.
I also work in the education system,dealing with students, in a major university that has adopted a zero tolerance attitude towards bullying, so do not presume that I dont know what I am talking about. I am not a hypocrite, and do not feel bad about myself, or my attitude towards bullying so do not need Helen fans to"make myself" feel better as you so arrogantly put it. However you are right we do see things differently, and we should all be allowed to express our opinions. I think it is time to move on with this thread,
and have decided to stop reading it, so there is no point in putting up any more responses.
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