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Originally Posted by Rook View Post
When did he reject her ? If they're both having a good time and know that things are going nowhere well more power to them, but that's not the case here......I don't recall him telling her he's not interested in her ?
#1 Straddling herself on his lap without any knickers on, opening up her legs and exposing her vag and literally getting brushed off. Any straight guy who wanted her could have shagged her then and then. He looked bemused and a bit horrified.

#2 She has perched her head on his shoulders several times and he has pulled her off or pulled away. Her shades even came off her face one time.

#3 She goes in for a kiss and he blanks her pretending to be half asleep

#4 Alex preferring Jason for the 3 course date, he made his choice extremely quickly. Bare in mind Alex spent ages live on Friday 'evicting' Laura and ages evicting Laura in the first annihilation task

#5 Actively jumping onto bed with Lateysha when the others had hinted Evelyn fancied him.

#6 When she was fishing for the others to work out if he fancied her, Alex firmly avered "No"

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