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Originally Posted by sungrass View Post
NOOO SHE IS the mug - she is the fool - she is the sheep - they are laughing about her outloud - BB even told her what they said and she still runs back to him. She has a childs mentality. It was the same when she was nominated and needed Andy to help her breathe when she was hyperventilating with nerves - but cant see how stupid it is to tell people nominated just before the final to "get over it" when she has done sweet fanny adams to still be in the house.
She has taken both times she was up for eviction on the chin and not ran to the bedroom and moaned (Georgina) or gone on and on about it like alot of other housemates. yes she got a panic attack the eviction night that it was down between herself and Georgina. She probably thought Georgina was a cert to stay. I have got panic attacks and they arent nice and there was NO WAY she was acting that one. She is neither a mug nor a fool and that is WHY she is in THE FINAL unlike all the women like Lateysha who everyone thought would win the bloody thing Georgina who was high on the list of favourites and Natalie who was also very much tipped for the top. Have your opinion but you will never change mine
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