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Originally Posted by kirklancaster View Post
A lot would not recognise the Casablanca joke Ammi - very funny.

You are always so supportive of everyone on here Ammi, no matter what it is they attempt to do. You are 1,000% pure CLASS.

Thank you.

p.s. Remember our chats a long time ago when we confessed our mutual fondness for impersonations and impressions?
...hawww, yeah I remember the conversation, Kirk....I'm not though, quite in your league or anything near...singing impersonations are probably the hardest to do and my singing ones only really stretch to Mick Jagger but that's more mannerisms when he's performing than anything else...(mine are also very much mostly in my head as being accurate because the boy's glares of embarrassment tell me everything I need to know, there...)...yours are very much real, my friend and very, very good......

Paris is always a good idea...
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