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Originally Posted by bitontheslide View Post
it's not anything new .... robbers can share techniques, murderers how to do the deed .... We would need to segregate everyone for it not to be a breeding ground for something or other. The point is that people that they interact with end up on a watch list if they are ever released, so if they ever think of trying something they end up straight back inside. There isn't anything more you can reasonably do.
True; a lot of incompetent first time petty criminals simply come out of jail with a whole new set of tips and tricks for engaging in further petty crime without being so easily caught.

The whole prison system needs reformed really, but there isn't the money or inclination to do it. Again in those cases, further segregation would help, i.e. petty first-timers should only be in with OTHER petty first-timers, rather than people who have been in and out their entire lives having had a criminal career that they're happy to chat about with newbies. I mean I literally know guys who consider 6 to 9 months inside every couple of years to just be "part of the job", kind of like an offshore worker, and they're still making more money from criminal activities than they would be in a legitimate job. And these guys tend to be fairly friendly / amiable, and VERY likely to take an anxious first time offender "under their wing" if they're looking lost.
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