CBB22 Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 [CBB 22], won by Ryan Thomas, and housemates here.


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BBCanada 9: Victoria
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Default CBB22 Suicide Pool Game [FINAL ROUND]

This game worked pretty well for BB18 so I'll bring it back for it's first ever CBB edition!

Here's a link to the BB18 one if anyone wants to refamiliarise themselves:

Not familiar with suicide pools? It would mean the following: you select a contestant, any contestant, who you feel will survive the next elimination. If that contestant's eliminated, you're out. If not, you move on. once you've used that contestant, however, you may never use them again. So even if you're right every week, if you get to the end and have run out of contestants to use YOU'RE OUT. If you forget to make a pick you are also eliminated. If you manage to reach the final, you choose who you think will win out of the remaining options you have left.

Basically you want to choose somebody who's reasonably safe for the near future, but not a real risk to make the end/win. Sound simple enough?
You can pick anyone regardless if they're immune or not.

The deadline for every round will be before nominations are revealed, if you predict after noms are revealed then you're out, unless they do a live noms twist or whatever at the end of a live eviction show, then I'll set an extended deadline or something. I'll try and bump the thread to remind people, since noms happen alot more frequently in CBB than they do BB.

List of housemates still in the house:



Current Players Previous Picks:

BBQuest: Chloe / Ryan / Nick / Gabby / Dan / Kirstie
Charleyuchea: Gabby / Dan / Roxanne / Sally / Kirstie / Ryan
Hayden: Sally / Nick / Hardeep / Gabby / Kirstie / Ryan
Kyleisaselenator: Chloe / Jermaine / Hardeep / Gabby / Dan / Kirstie
Owen19: Dan / Nick / Roxanne / Sally / Kirstie / Ryan
Shaun: Sally / Nick / Hardeep / Gabby / Kirstie / Ryan
Thisisdanny: Sally / Dan / Gabby / Nick / Kirstie / Ryan


Eliminated Players Previous Picks:

Adam: Kirstie / OUT
Amy Jade: Nick / Ryan / Hardeep / Gabby / OUT
Armand.kay: Hardeep / Chloe
Bbfan2017: Dan / OUT
Blurryface: Nick / Chloe
Calderyon: Gabby / Sally / Hardeep / Jermaine
Daniel-X: Sally / Chloe
DouglasS: Nick / Sally / OUT
Heaven = Winner: Chloe / Nick / OUT
KenKnox: Natalie
Lewys: Nick / OUT
Lilbro: Ben / Sally / Hardeep / Jermaine
Matthew: Kirstie / Ryan / Sally / Hardeep / OUT
Mitchell: Sally / Dan / Hardeep / Ryan / Kirstie / OUT
Montblanc: Gabby / Dan / Ben
Paige22: Roxanne / Gabby / Hardeep / Nick / Gabby (repeated pick)
RileyH: Gabby / Ben / Jermaine / Dan / Hardeep
Ross: Hardeep / Nick / Sally / Jermaine
Saiwong: Hardeep / Chloe
Scarface95: Chloe / OUT
ShakeyJake10: Gabby / Nick / Hardeep / OUT
Sluttea: Nick / OUT
Stormy: Gabby / Roxanne / Ryan / Jermaine
Underscore: Sally / OUT

Withano: Nick / Gabby / Roxanne / Jermaine
Wojtek: Dan / Nick / Roxanne / Gabby / Hardeep

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