Big Brother 19 [Autumn 2018] Posts about BB19 UK. Discuss the housemates and series - which was won by Cameron - here.


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Originally Posted by Mystic Mock View Post
I'm pissed off as Isaac would've gone and we would've had the two Lewis's still around, and a potential Showmance destroyed.

Yes I agree...
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Yes because I think it would've been harder to get Lewis G out if Isaac was up and splitting public votes, which could've resulted in Lewis F going
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..yeah I think she made the right choice...Lewis G feels there can only be one Lewis...and Lewis F feels itís a win/win situation as either way he wonít have to suffer Lewis G anymore...both the Lewis people seem fine with Isaac so it was a good choice, I think...

Paris is always a good idea...
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A Lewis G vs Lewis F head-to-head is extremely fitting. Also, Isaac has absolutely zero chance of winning anyway whereas Lewis G does and will more likely continue to gain support as the series progresses so this will put a stop to a chance of another horrible winner.
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No one in there knows about Lewis F popularity on the outside. I can't wait for friday. They will be shocked that the public has taken this oddball in their hearts
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dull non-entity hm saves dull non-entity hm

what to like about that?
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would have been better if it stayed the same. Isaac sucks something awful. its like Anamelia. didnt like her but rather she stayed around a bit. big characters going early is awful like them or not.
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